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Looking to advertise or work with us? SeriouslyTravel is a trusted resource for luxury travel tips, hotel/resort reviews, and stories. We offer our readers the best advice on short and long-term travel as well as our personal opinions and views of the countries and people we encounter.

We are very open to sponsorship, partnerships, advertising, speaking engagements, television and consulting work. We believe in working with partners who support our travel values. Contact Me to discuss any of the above or below opportunities.

I am Marie Hernandez, I have been traveling for most of my life. In addition to many years of travel experience, my professional expertise sets me apart from other travel bloggers.

I am a Destination and Hotel marketer, full-time traveler, and freelance writer/blogger with a degree in Psychology, which gives me a greater understanding of people in general. I am also the founder and content creator as well as an expert communicator.

Both the rapid growth of my website and my highly engaged audience can be attributed to my ease with people, passion for travel and my writing skills. Since Launching my site publicly in 2013, I have quickly grown an impressive organic following.


SeriouslyTravel is targeted towards the luxury traveler/couple, however, it also attracts a readership of everyday people wishing to find an opportunity to break into the world of travel.

The site’s demographics reflect that visitors to SeriouslyTravel are aged between 18-44 and highly educated with 64% of visitors being women, however, we find that we attract men and women of all ages with regard to world travel research.

The audience is split between the United States (67.18%), and Great Brittan (13.68%), followed by Australia (7.9%) and Spain (6.2%). Other countries making up the difference (12.94%) Singapore, India, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong and France.

What I can offer you:


Full coverage of your product (or any trips we take) on our blog. This includes written articles, extensive social media coverage, and video if appropriate.
I have sections on my blog specifically dedicated to equipment and hotel reviews, as well as a number of other travel tip categories, which ensures that posts reach your travel niche and target audience. This also increases the visibility of your product on my blog as articles are not buried under mass content.


As a trusted travel resource, my readers often plan their travel, accommodation, and activities after having read about it on the blog.

Professional Content:

I take pride in producing professional, quality content for my website. I have invested in high-quality camera and video equipment, and with a background in writing and video editing, will showcase your brand with excellence.
All of my professional photographs are featured both within posts on the website and across the various social media accounts when appropriate.

Social Media Statistics:

Since launching my social media accounts I have grown a highly engaged following over a very short period of time. I have an incredibly strong social media presence which continues to grow rapidly, with around 80% of our website traffic solely from social media referrals.

• Twitter Followers: 40,300+
• Twitter Reach via Triberr: 65 Million
• Instagram Fans: 35,800+
• Facebook Fans: 9,950+
• Pinterest, Google +, Tumblr, StumbleUpon: 25,500+
• Klout Score: 70

Partnership Opportunities:

Press and Social Media Trips:

I started my blog because of my passion for travel. Travel has become my way of life and career and I eagerly accept press and social media trips. I do, however, always honestly write about my experiences on my website – my honesty is why I have such a large readership.

Product Reviews:

I am happy to review a variety of travel-related products and services on my blog, and am happy to accept sponsored reviews should you have a product you would like featured. Such reviews will include links back to your website along with the appropriate images and will be promoted across my social media accounts.

Social Media Management:

I am an experienced social media manager for the travel and hospitality industry. To read more about how I can bring your business to the next level through social media marketing click here.