We’ve had the honor of being nominated for the Liebster Award!

Liebster Award

This award is given by seasoned bloggers to newbie bloggers and Cecilie Hauge Agotnes from No-Backpacker has nominated SeriouslyTravel.

The word “liebster” has several meanings including kindest, nicest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued and welcome. Though some think of the nomination as a chain letter, it’s better to look at it as recognition within the online blogging world. It’s also a way to meet other bloggers in your genre.

How the Liebster award works

After the nominator has chosen who they want to nominate they ask between 7 and 10 questions (although it seems that number varies from blogger to blogger) in an attempt to get to know the nominee better. Once the nominee has answered those questions he or she then nominates new bloggers, in my case it will be travel bloggers, that they think have great potential and have experiences to offer readers. The process starts over in a “pay it forward” way.

Here are Cecilie’s questions to SeriouslyTravel and our answers…

1. What do you do, besides writing your travel blog?
Since my travel blog is a full time job, I spend most of my time searching for new content. But when I’m not doing that I usually spend my free time reading, taking photos, and enjoying movies.

2. What is your favorite place/country and why?
So far, our favorite country is Thailand. The beaches are breathtaking, the food is amazing, and the people are warm and gregarious.

3. Are there places you would never go back to, why?
Unfortunately yes, there is one. On the small island of Tioman, Malaysia we stayed at a place that was not at all what was advertised. Generally we are pretty adaptable people, but this place was terribly unkempt and dirty so we wouldn’t go back or recommend it.

4. Are you an adventurous eater, what is the strangest things you have eaten?

Durian Fruit

I am a very adventurous eater! I like to at least try everything. The strangest thing I’ve eaten is Durian a fruit popular in South East Asia. I’ve tried but simply can’t get used to the smell or taste. I’ve been told that it’s either loved or hated…guess my opinion is of the later!

5. Do you collect anything when you are traveling?
As full time travellers we try not to accumulate too much or we’d be hoarded right out of our house! But we do try to get something made by the locals that we can display in our “eventual” travel room.

6. What is the most luxurious hotel you have ever stayed at?

Amazing beachview upgrade

To date the most luxurious hotel that we’ve stayed is The Dana in Langkawi, Malaysia. It was beyond 5 star with services that far exceeded any expectation.

7. Tell me about a journey that you remember better than others!
That’s a hard one! We’ve been to so many wonderful places and met so many wonderful people. One that is close to our hearts and one we won’t soon forget is our trip to Cambodia. The trip to visit the temples was wonderful, but it was the people and their plight that most humbled us and made us appreciate the life we lead.

8. If I was going to your city, what would you recommend me to see, do, where to stay etc?


Singapore is an amazing city and there are many places we’d recommend. A must see is the night safari and S.E.A Aquarium. They are amazing in their architecture and design and have so much to offer in the way of interaction with the animals. I’d also recommend visiting Marina Bay Sands and taking in the view from the top! It’s simply breathtaking, especially at night.

9. Do you miss anything when you are traveling, what?
Yes, we do miss small things when we travel. There’s no place like home for our favorite foods. We miss being able to run to our favorite store to pick up our favorite snacks. But mostly, after an extended stay, we miss our children and grandchildren.

10. What is your next destination(s)?
Upcoming destinations for SeriouslyTravel are Miami, Florida and Telunas Resorts in Indonesia.

Now here are SeriouslyTravel’s nominations for the Liebster Award.

1. Sisters in the Sand
2. Travelling Weasels
3. Jetsetting Fools
4. Chuck and Lori
5. We Travel Together
6. Gypsy Couple

Here are our questions for our nominated travel bloggers. Once you’ve answered them, please don’t forget to pay it forward!

1. Have you always loved to travel or is your passion a new one?
2. What is your earliest travel memory?
3. What is your favorite destination for food and what dish is your favorite in that destination?
4. What is your longest stay in any one destination?
5. What is your worst experience while travelling?
6. What country would you live in other than your own hometown?
7. If money were no object, where would you travel?
8. How many different countries have you visited?

It was our honor to nominate you and we look forward to getting to know you better. Happy Travels!

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