Most of us work year after year, save, and sacrifice for that once in a lifetime vacation. Why not make it the most unique experience you can? Venture off the beaten track to discover some of the world’s most distinctive places to spend a night.

Listed below are some of the more “unique” hotels we’ve found…have fun!


Ice Hotel bedroom


Located in Jukkasajarvi, Sweden the ICEHOTEL is the largest hotel in the world made entirely of snow and ice. At minus 5 degrees celcius guests experience what it’s like to live like a polar bear. Most furniture, including the bed, is made of snow and ice.

The unique thing about this hotel is that it melts every year and is completely reconstructed. Architects rebuild the bar, rooms, and the chapel from tons of ice each November.

If wearing ski gear day and night is your kind of vacation, then the ICEHOTEL is a must try!

This cold experience will cost you roughly $290 per night.


Underwater rooms Sentosa

Singapore Aquarium Hotel

Travellers are literally sleeping with the fishes in Singapore’s uber chic, five star hotel on Sentosa Island.

11 Ocean View suites offer two stories of enormous acrylic panels that offer a window into the lives of more than 50,000 sea creatures swimming through the S.E.A. Aquarium, the world’s largest.

If you don’t mind being watched by the fishes the suites have a hideaway bathtub so you can enjoy a soak with the wildlife!

Hold onto your hat…to enjoy this under the sea experience you’ll have to shell out almost $2000.00 per night!


Cave room

Kokopelli’s Cave Bed and Breakfast

Once upon a time in Farmingon, New Mexico someone decided that it would be a great idea to blast a cave home out of a cliffside.

The cave house is built into the vertical cliffs of Tertiary Ojo Alamo sandstone and overlooks the gorgeous La Plata river valley 300 feet below. The cave itself is 70 feet below the surface. At about 100 feet underground, access to the bed and breakfast is obtained by climbing down a steep cliff and ladder. You won’t be able to go if you don’t sign the mandatory liability waiver though!


Salt Hotel

Palacio de Sal

Like salt with your food…and everything else? Well palacio de Sal is the place for you. Located in Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia this hotel consists of 15 bedrooms, a bar, living room, and dining room made entirely of salt!

Lugged from the immense surrounding salt plains and held together by a concrete mixture made of salt and water this unique hotel is a must try. The tin roof and toilets are the only things NOT made of salt so resist the urge to lick the walls!!!

The accommodations are pretty reasonable. Each night runs about $144.00



Woodlyn Park

This unique New Zealand hotel gives guests the option of sleeping in a Train, Plane, Boat or Underground.

Woodlyn Park has 4 amazing self catering options:
A 1950’s Bristol Freighter Plane fully refurbished into two beautiful self contained motel units. This plane was one of the last allied planes out of Vietnam and is the only accommodation of its type in the world.

The 1918 Waitomo Express is a Rail Carriage wonderfully -into a totally self-contained motel unit. The two separate bedrooms sleeps up to 6 people with 1 Double Bed, and 2 sets of single bunks.

hobbit house

If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to live like a Hobbit wonder no more. The world’s first Hobbit Underground Motel with circular windows – straight out of middle earth offers you the chance to experience life as a Hobbit.

Built alongside the now well established Train Carriage and Aeroplane Motels, the Hobbits add yet another dimension to this unique complex. The Hobbits, like the other motels available at Woodlyn Park, are all self-contained with kitchens and shower toilet facilities and can accommodate between 2-10 people. Each has specially designed furniture and décor. Having been built using polystyrene blocks they are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The 2 units available each have a separate room with two sets of bunks and a double bed in the main living area. The builder has taken into consideration that not everyone is Hobbit sized so fear not…you’ll feel quite comfortable!

You’ll have to contact Woodlyn Park directly for pricing information as it varies with each unique experience and the time of year.


Hang Nga Guesthouse aka Crazy House (Vietnam)

Hang Nga “Crazy House”

No, you’ve not gone crazy but a visit to this hotel will make you think you have! With a twisting, tree-like design and animal sculptures popping up everywhere, the Hang Nga Guesthouse in Dalat, Vietnam is definitely a bizarre place to lay your head.

The hotel is named for its creator, Hang Viet Nga, but later earned the nickname “Crazy House” for its eccentric design and yawning interior. The inspiration for the design came from the architect’s desire to bring people back to nature and remind them to appreciate rather than destroy the environment.

The concrete creation boasts animal-themed rooms, outdoor balconies, and a sculpture garden. The architect considered works by Walt Disney and Salvador Dali in planning her building, and guests can stay in one of 10 rooms that are connected by ladders, bridges, and tunnel passages.

The cost of staying a night in the “Crazy House”? …not so bad depending on the time of year. Each room will run from $30 to $85 per night.



Giraffe Manor 

Do you like sleeping with wild animals? if you’re looking for a unique experience on your next vacation, Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya can certainly provide you that.

Combining the luxury and a hands-on experience with African wildlife, the colonial mansion, built in 1932 by a British couple, is situated on 12 acres of African acreage. Roaming the hills and forests of the manor are Rothschild giraffes, 180 species of birds, warthogs, and dik dik (look it up!).

What makes the wildlife so remarkable is the fact that the giraffes participate in daily activities around the manor, including poking their heads in the dining room windows at breakfast time.

One of my farvorite parts of this resort…the manor is involved in conservation projects to protect the giraffes.

Prices aren’t so bad either. This all-inclusive resort will cost you $500 per person, per night. Not bad considering the wild guests you will share you time with!

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