How Two Years Of Travel And Self Discovery Gave Me The Life Of My Dreams

This week marks two years since I woke up 9500 miles from home to a text message that changed my life forever. Here are my thoughts about How Two Years Of Travel And Self Discovery Gave Me The Life Of My Dreams.

I’ve never been one who enjoys being vulnerable but I’ve realized that it is through these times that I learn the most…

Two years ago I discovered that the man I was madly in love with for 9 years had been living a double life; one that included thousands of dollars in hidden credit card debt, a slew of prostitutes, ex-wives, and a fiancé I knew nothing about.

After he accidentally (here is where the Universe stepped in to help me) sent me a picture that included some “items” that clued me in, I knew my life had irreversibly changed.

I had recently turned 50 and I really felt like, after being what I thought was a good person, there was no place for me anymore. I curled up and stayed in bed for 2 months.

All I could do was watch TV and sleep. The Ellen Show became my only reprieve.

During this self-defeating/loathing period, there were only 2 people in my life who knew what had happened, I just couldn’t admit it to anyone else. With their gentle nudging, patience, and the infectious positive energy that Ellen was giving off, I began to realize that my life wasn’t over. I needed to look at this as a beginning.

I inhaled everything I could about the law of attraction. I devoured books by Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, and Marianne Williamson. I realized that I had been doing things wrong all my life.

So I set out to live my life as a whole person. I took over the responsibility for my own happiness and I started to believe in and love myself.

The lessons I learned were and continue to be innumerable but each one instrumental in delivering me to the life I live now and will continue to live.

~  I am the sole person responsible for my happiness
~  I can’t make someone love me or be something they are not.
~  By surrendering all my fears and believing in myself and the limitless possibilities of this world, the Universe conspires to align all that I have ever wanted into my life and more!
~  I can’t control how people act but I can control how I react and by remaining positive, compassionate, and love anything is possible.
~  Thoughts become things
~  Forgiveness is the only way to move forward
~  Visiting my pain, accepting it, and letting it go is the key to healing
~  Gratitude for every single thing, big and small, is a beautiful way to let more into your life.
~  Honest self-observation is the only way to understand who you are and what doesn’t serve you.

These two years of travel and self-discovery has led me to a life far beyond what I thought was possible.

I’ve been shown my true purpose in life – helping others overcome their own pain, confusion, and self-limiting beliefs and I’ve had the privilege of walking with my clients on their own journeys of self-discovery.

I’ve met the most amazing people during my travels and have made lifelong friends. Opportunities have opened up to provide me a life that is filled with endless possibilities and I am grateful for each one.

Thank you to my readers who continually inspire me as much as they say I inspire them. Your support, love, and energy keep me filled with gratitude. I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and lessons from How Two Years Of Travel And Self Discovery Gave Me The Life Of My Dreams.


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