ATTENTION Travel Bloggers: Are Hotels, Tour Companies, and Other Travel Companies Paying YOU to Write Your Travel Blog?



Find Out How Simple it is to Get Sponsored Media Trips… and Get Your Expenses Paid for Seeing the World and Writing About it!

Dear Friend,

You and I might not have met in person (yet)… but I think I’ve figured out a little something about you.

You’re not the type of person who is content with doing the same old things day after day and year after year.

You have an unending desire to experience something new… to experience the cultures of different cities, the flavors and aromas of new restaurants, and the excitement of learning about people you’ve never met before….

And you naturally want to write about everything you see, taste, and experience.

In short, you’re a born travel blogger.

But let me ask you…

Do your travels cost you more than you make from your blog?


If you’re like 99.9% of travel bloggers out there, you’re probably screaming “YES!” at the screen right now.

I know how frustrating that is… especially when you have big dreams for your travel blogging career!

I mean, it all sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? Jetting from city to city, soaking in the sights and the culture, and spending a couple hours a day writing about your experiences while money pours into your bank account…

But the reality is usually far different.

You end up shelling out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars for accommodations, meals, transportation, entertainment… and even though you pour your heart and soul into writing exceptional travel articles, you only make back a fraction of what you spent!

Not exactly a great way to launch a profitable career.

BUT here’s the thing…

Most Travel Bloggers Are Doing It All Wrong!

My name is Marie Hernandez. And, like you, I have a deep love of travel. I’ve been traveling the globe and writing about it for four years now.

But I know what it’s like to struggle at being a travel blogger.

You see, when I first left my soul-crushing corporate job and decided to start a new career as a travel writer, I faced many of the same frustrations you’re dealing with right now.

I couldn’t travel as much as I wanted, because it was costing way too much.

And, because I wasn’t traveling enough, it got pretty hard to find topics to write about.

Sound familiar?

But over the past four years, I discovered something that most travel bloggers never even think of:

If you know how to approach them, travel providers will pay for your expenses to get YOU to write about them!

Sounds crazy, right? Some of these hotels, tour companies, restaurants, and other travel-related companies have MASSIVE advertising budgets… and they spend TONS of cash creating slick ads and commercials to entice guests to visit.

So why would they want to pay for a travel blogger to write about them?

Simply put, it’s because…

Travel Providers Know That Buyers Trust Real People, Not Expensive Ad Campaigns

These companies realize that, even though their huge marketing budgets can buy them brand recognition (meaning that people recognize their names), it can’t buy them trust.

But a post on your blog can.

So can a post on your official Facebook page…

A well-crafted tweet…

An authentic review…

Or a spotlight on your website.

This kind of exposure – the kind that comes from real visitors like you – is worth a thousand times more than a banner ad or a television commercial.

It’s what moves people from thinking about visiting to booking a reservation.

And that’s where you come in.

But How Do You Get These Travel Gigs?

As I mentioned, it all comes down to approaching travel providers the right way.

Let’s face it, they’re not going to come looking for you. You have to be able to pitch yourself and your blog… and show them why it’s valuable to them to foot the bill for you to visit them.

Now… if the idea of pitching yourself freaks you out a little, I get it. It can seem really intimidating, especially if you’re not used to honking your own horn, so to speak.

That’s why I’ve put together this step-by-step course to get you up to speed fast:

Introducing: Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip

An Expert Guide to Getting Your Travel Expenses Paid as a Top-Notch Travel Blogger!

In this in-depth video course, you’re going to master everything you need to confidently pitch your blog to hotels, restaurants, tour providers, and many others… and get them to pay your way for featuring them on your blog, on your website, and on social media.

I’ve built this course with the beginner in mind. When you follow the simple, step-by-step instructions you’re getting in this course just minutes from now, you can start scoring sponsor deals in as little as a couple of days!

NOW… before I tell you more about the course, I want you to know that you DON’T need a massive following to lock down sponsorship deals. When I landed my first deal, I had less than 1,000 social media followers… and my blog visitor counts weren’t any better!

So if you’re not “trending” anywhere or don’t have floods of traffic coming to your blog every days, don’t worry. Travel providers are looking for quality, not quantity!

What Exactly Will You Get Inside of “Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip?”

I’ve arranged this training into 10 easy to follow videos that cover all of the main skills you need to land sponsored media trips. Each section is packed with information (so be sure to take notes), but is short enough that you don’t have to spend hours glued to your screen.

Here are the training modules:

Module 1: Building Your Platform – In order to attract sponsors that jump on the chance to have you write about them, you need a solid foundation for your blogging business. In this module, I’ll show you everything you need to set yourself up for success, including

  • Strategies for choosing the perfect domain name
  • Tools and tricks for building the perfect website – even if you’ve never created a site before
  • Examples of super-effective sites you can use for inspiration

Module 2: Starting Your Blog – Here, we’ll dive into setting up and perfecting your blog, including

  • The essentials of how to start a blog
  • Examples of travel blogs that attract TONS of visitors (and sponsors)

Module 3: Growing Your Social Media Presence – Social media is a critical element of your blogging business – you’ll need to use social media to generate interest in your content and get readers and viewers to share your insights with their friends. In this module, you’ll get everything you need to know, including

  • Which platforms you should focus on as a travel blogger
  • How to set up your account and page on each platform
  • Examples of successful, high-traffic travel blog social media pages

Module 4: Networking and Industry Events – The more people you know in the travel industry, the easier it is to find sponsored media trips. We’ll cover this topic in depth, including

  • Why networking is important to your career as a travel blogger
  • Who you should be networking with
  • Where to find networking contacts
  • Which networking events are important and why
  • My list of networking and industry events

Module 5: Finding & Scoring a Press Trip or Sponsored Marketing Trip – Here’s where the payoff happens! In this module, we’ll dive into

  • Where to start looking for sponsored trips
  • What kinds of statistics sponsors are looking for
  • Building solid relationships with travel providers and networking contacts
  • How to find the right person to send your pitch to

Module 6: Writing Winning Pitch Letters – Aside from a professional, engaging online presence, the ability to write great pitch letters is your strongest asset as a travel blogger. In this module, you’ll learn

  • Time-saving strategies for researching your destination before you begin drafting your pitch
  • What to ask for in your pitch letter
  • What you will offer the sponsor in return

Module 7: Agreements and Contracts – This is the formal and legal stuff that makes most of us squirm… but as an emerging travel blogger, they’re essential for your success. Here, you’ll learn how to

  • Create and navigate agreements and contracts
  • What your agreements and contracts should include
  • How to resolve conflicts

Module 8: The Importance of Professionalism – When you’re negotiating for the honeymoon suite at a swanky resort or a table near the kitchen at the best restaurant in town, it can be easy to forget that you’re running a business. Maintaining a professional image, though, will go a long way to helping you succeed as a travel blogger. In this module, we’ll cover

  • Why it’s critical that you maintain professional at all times
  • Delivering on your promises
  • How to stand out from other bloggers in the travel niche

Module 9: Writing the Perfect Review – So you’ve enjoyed your trip (maybe a little too much) and now it’s time to sit down and write. In this module, you’ll get in-depth training to help your articles, blog posts, and social media content sing… so that you gain even more credibility and success as a travel blogger! We’ll cover

  • Reading other reviews for inspiration
  • The importance of details
  • Creating a story that engages your readers
  • Adding your unique personality and voice
  • Over-delivering

Module 10: The Follow-up – After you’ve written that brilliant review, there’s still more to do to clear your way to the top of the travel blogging world. In this module, you’ll learn about

  • What happens after you publish your review
  • Following up with your sponsor
  • Promoting your review on social media
  • Repurposing your content for pitching to online and print magazines

I’m a backpacker and always watching my wallet so when I stumbled on Marie’s course and saw that I could turn my experiences into a way to travel longer I jumped at the opportunity. Marie is so awesome and patient. She held my hand through each module and within 3 months I had my first sponsorship! I would recommend her course to anyone…it’s priced right too!


I’m a single Mum and we love to travel. The more adventurous the better for us! We enjoy sharing our experience with other parents and were looking for ways to travel longer and farther. I came across Marie’s course and knew it was the right thing for us. She’s so patient and answered our million questions with such kindness and honesty. The Facebook group is awesome for daily help and the course is set up in a way that everyone can understand. The kiddos and I are doing the course together! I’d recommend it to anyone!


I graduated college and wanted to take a year or so off to travel. With student loans and no job I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for my travels. My friend told me about Marie’s course and after going back and forth for a week I decided to take the plunge. I’ve never regretted that decision. I started out locally like Marie teaches and I had my first sponsorship in only 1 month! I’m now heading on my first trip abroad and am looking forward to all the sponsorships I’ll get. I would recommend the course to anyone!


As you can see from what my past students have said, the video training modules alone are well worth the price of admission.

But I wanted to make sure you have EVERY advantage possible, so that you can have a prolific travel blogging career and never again have to worry about how you’re going to pay for your adventures.

PLUS… When You Get Instant Access to “Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip” Today, You’re Also Getting These Bonuses…

√ Interview with Megan Gerrard from “Mapping Megan”

√ Interview with Nicole Connolly from “Suitcase Stories”

√ Interview with Tracy Khee, Public Relations Expert

√ “Building Facebook Followers” training

√ My CommentLuv Rolodex for rapidly building your website stats

√ “10 Steps to Build Good SEO” training

√ Done-for-you Tourism Board pitch letter

√ Done-for-you Hotel/Resort pitch letter

√ Done-for-you Airline pitch letter

√ Done-for-you Restaurant pitch letter

√ Travel and Tourism Directory by state

√ International Tourism Office Directory

√ One hour 1:1 coaching session with yours truly

√ Access to my VIP Facebook Group for day to day support

Together, these interviews, resources, and done-for-you templates are worth over $497. But you won’t have to invest one extra penny to get your hands on them!

Okay, Marie… This Sounds Amazing. But What Does It Cost?

It‘s a fair question. When you think about how much traveling you can do at zero cost… with the hotels, restaurants, and other providers that are serving you picking up the tab… I understand if you think I’m going to hit you with some enormous price tag.

But that’s not how I do things.

You see, I’ve had plenty of business owners tell me I should charge $997 for this training. And yes, it would still be a bargain at that price. But I know that you’re ramping up your travel blogging business, and I don’t want you to have to worry about making some huge investment.

So today, you’re getting everything in “Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip” – including ALL $497 worth of bonuses – for a one-time payment of just

Your Investment is Protected by My Money-Back Guarantee

I know you’re going to love how easy this course makes it to get sponsored trips and even boost your income from your travel blog. But I want you to be as confident as I am about that. So let me put your mind at ease. Try “Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip” for 30 days risk-free. And if you decide you’re not thrilled for any reason at all, just let me know within 30 days after purchase and I’ll refund every penny of your investment – no questions asked!

You’re an Exceptional Writer – It’s Time to Get Paid for It!

Right now, you’ve got a choice to make. You can keep wishing that you could afford to travel more so you can blog about your experiences… or you can get the businesses you visit to actually foot the bill for you to write about them!


It’s time to claim your freedom and travel as much as you want… on someone else’s dime! Click the button below and get instant access to “Mastering the Sponsored Media Trip” today:

I can’t wait to hear about where your sponsored trips take you!


Marie Hernandez

P.S.: Just one free hotel stay can more than pay back the investment you’re making in this life-changing training today. Heck, I’ve gotten free meals worth more than that at some of the nicer restaurants I’ve been to! So if you’re on the fence, just remember that what you save during your next sponsored trip could be worth many times what you’re paying for this course. Do yourself a favor and claim your spot today!