Traveling for the first time can be intimidating, overwhelming and exciting. Here are a few tips for the first time traveler.

Tips For The First Time Traveler

Do Your Research

Wherever you plan on traveling to, research you’re desired destination in depth. 

Find out about how easy it will be to get around, things to do, safety information, places to stay, and eat. Also, find out if it’s a place that needs a passport.  

Trying to find that perfect price and even a place to stay can be a daunting task. There are many websites that you can book through but I highly recommend going through a travel agent (yes they still exist). 

There have been instances where disasters have happened through 3rd party booking engines and people end up paying double in the long run. 

If you book through a travel agent most agents will take care of issues as they arise and can often negotiate better prices. 

The bonus of booking with a travel agent is, not only do they give you great customer service, but they may be able to get additional exclusive add ons.

Consider Insurance 

If you’re spending money for this fabulous getaway be sure to include insurance just in case life happens (and it does). Determine what your needs will be and make sure that the policy that you buy includes your needs.

Usually, insurance will cover trip cancellations and trip interruptions but some may vary and require proof of certain incidences. 

Be sure to check with your health insurance carrier if you’re planning on traveling out of your country. 

If your health insurance won’t cover you elsewhere you may want to purchase additional travel health insurance to cover any unforeseen accidents or illnesses. 

Be A Responsible Traveler

If your traveling overseas, be aware and respectful of the country’s customs. 

Learn a few words that will help you get along while your visiting. 

Learn things like, “Hello, thank you, how much does it cost, and please.” 

And whether you’re in another country or not manners and a smile go a long way.

Also be cognisent of your “foot print”. Clean up after yourself, don’t litter.

Be respectful of religions and cultures that differ from your own. Leave your destination with a positive outcome for everyone involved.


You’ll need cell phone service no matter where you go. Find out if your cell phone carrier covers cell service at your destination. 

Also, ask what the roaming charges (if any) will be and if there will be any other charges as well (especially if you’re abroad). 

If the costs far outweigh the benefits of using your own phone, consider purchasing a local sim card that will allow enough data for you to use social media. 

There are lots of choices to choose from no matter what country you visit so do a little research before you depart.

Camera vs Cell Phone

You’ll want to capture the memories you’re making so think about investing in a nice camera. 

I’m not telling you to go out and purchase a high-end camera but one that captures good pictures. 

Be sure though it’s user-friendly especially if you’re not a tech-savvy person. 

If you do this well in advance, you may find some user-friendly videos out there that will help you get better acquainted.  

If you don’t want to carry additional camera gear, consider using your smartphone camera and video options. 

These days cell phones capture beautiful photos and video and little else is needed unless you’re traveling specifically to take professional photos and video.

Be Safe

Be aware of your area no matter where you travel. There are pickpocketers and scammers unfortunately everywhere. 

Make smart choices. Don’t carry your wallet in your back pocket, backpack, or conspicuous place that can easily be pickpocketed.

Keep it in a safe place that’s less likely for someone to try and take it. Carry your purse or backpack in front of you if possible so you can keep an eye on it as well. 

Also, I recommend using the safe in your hotel room. Maybe store extra cash and or credit cards as well as your other valuables and your passport.

Take a photocopy of your passport with you in case you are stopped for any reason.


Check the weather for the destination and time of the year you’ll be traveling so you’ll know whether you will need warm or cooler clothing. 

Not sure what to pack? Check out my packing checklists to guide you!

Female Packing List

Male Packing List

My final tip is to relax and enjoy your travels. 

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