Creating a list of things to see and do in Morocco can be challenging. The North African country is a magnificent country filled with culture, diversity, and arcitecture.

With breathtaking beaches, miles of desert sands, off the beaten track sites, and luxury abound there is something for everyone who visits the ancient country.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

Explore the city

Famouns for it’s leather products the Imperial City of Fez has been around since medieval times. It’s charm is that it hasn’t changed much over the years.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

This is one city you must see from above and the best place for that is Chaouwara Tannery’s central courtyard. From this advantage you can see vats filled with dyes and the beautiful skins that are laid out to dry in the sun.

It’s also a thrill to peruse the shops. There you can find some amazing leather goods at great prices.

Interested in snake charmers, street food and music? Djemaa El Fna is the place to be if you are. Unesco deemed this square a “Masterpiece of World Heritage” in 2001. It’s famous for bringing oral history and urban legends to life with live storytellers, acrobats, musical performers, comedy acts. The nightly carnival is spectacular!

This is the place to experience the brilliance of local Berber musicians, Gnaoua troupes and where you can get a wonderful henna tattoo.

Be prepared to manage the artists who signal to everyone who passes by and water-sellers in ornate hats banging brass cups together, hoping to drive people to drink. This is definitley a show you don’t want to miss.

Fun #travel fact: The blue houses of Chaouen are famous for their striking colour. Do you know why they are blue? Jewish refugees painted them this colour because they believed it kept the mosquitoes away. Click To Tweet

Stroll the Blue Mountain Town

Nestled in the Rif Mountains, the sleepy town of Chefchaouen is a delightful break from the crazines of the larger cities Morocco is famous for.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

This 15th century town was a refuge for Muslims and Jews during the Spanish Reconquista and again during WW!!. Today people enjoy it’s gorgeous cobbled stone streets, buildings painted in breathtaking shades of blue and it’s bohemian atmoshphere.

The traditional guesthouses, cafes and charming craft markets will make you want to stay and enjoy the beauty of this ancient town.

Enjoy The Good Eats

Famous for its aromatic spices and unique cooking style, Moroccan food is famous around the world. With influences from the Arabs, Andulusians, Berbers and the French the iconic dishes are full of flavor.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

There is no shortage of street stalls where you’ll find traditional dishes harira a soupy dish made with meat, vegetables and tomatoes.

The best way to understand and enjoy Moroccan food is to take a local cooking class. Most guesthouses and hotels offer then and they are worth every penny.

Steam It Up

When in Morocco do as the Moroccan’s do! Hammam, or public steam baths are a rite of passage and enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

Unfortunately, there are fewer hammam than there were back in the day but the ones that are still around are a great way to experience and gain cultural insights into how ancient life was lived. It’s also a great way to detoxify and exfoliate your body.

The luxury hammams are great for women because it’s used to socialize with the neigborhood women while receiving a highend treatment with high-quality local products.

Spend The Night In The Sahara

Think ‘Sex in the City 2’. Miles of beautiful sand dunes, camel safaris, 4×4 tours and extravagant picnics in the dessert is something everyone should experience while in Morocco.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

Whether you’re an adventurer or not, you shouldn’t miss out on the chance to see the Sahara dessert. It’s one of those opportunities you will regret if you pass on the chance to go.

The sunrises and sunsets are to die for with the light transforming the dunes into magical masterpieces of yellows, reds, and gold. Don’t miss a once in a lifetime chance to see natures glory.

Spending the night under the stars in the Sahara Desert is just one of the amazing things to do in Morocco! Click To Tweet

Practice Haggling At The Souks

You can’t go to Morocco without visiting a souk. The more famous souks can be found in the historic cities of Fez, Marrakesh, and Meknes.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

These bazaars are maze like and filled with an explosion of colors, scents, and sounds that are unlike anwhere else in the world.

Buy an Aladdin’s lamp, lavishly colored fabrics, hand woven carpets or spices of every color and taste. If you’re a souvenier buyer or collector this is the place to be.

Haggling is a must and expected so dig your heels in and stick to your guns. It’s a lot of fun and nothing is taken personally so be prepared to hold your own!

Stay In A Riad

A traditional Moroccan home that has been converted into a hotel/resort is called a Riad. They are luxurious places to stay because the owners have painstakenly kept to the authentic architecture.

Things To See And Do In Morocco

You’ll find most of them within the walled cities which makes it perfect for tourists to be near all the activities.

Peaceful and tranquil, the riads have open courtyards with fountains, beautifully designed tiles, mosaic walls, and graceful arches.

The more luxuruious riads offer rooftop terraces and pools. Nothing is more wonderful than enjoying deliciously spiced Moroccan food and drinks while enjoying the beautiful landscape of the country.

Moroccan houses, also known as riads, are typically designed with a central courtyard surrounded by rooms with windows facing inwards making them a must when looking for a place to stay! Click To Tweet

Morocco is one of those countries that shouldn’t be missed when traveling in the region. It’s extaordinary beauty, culture, people, architecture and opulance is a must if you travel often.

With an eclectic liniage and a touch of many influences, the country offers something for everyone!


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