The bustling city of Milan is home to high fashion, exceptional industry, and Italy’s stock exchange. This week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Milan

Snapshot Monday ~ Milan

Snapshot Monday ~ Milan

Will have you craving high fashion and art…and maybe a cappuccino and gilato!

Its history is unmatched with Duomo di Milano as the geographical center of the once Imperial Roman capital. The city’s beauty and love still moves throughout the city and is palpable.

The glittering nightlife, unmatched shopping, exceptional art, and addiction to soccer are only a small part of what makes this city great.

The genius of Leonardo da Vinci can be found on every corner and the endless gastronomic opportunities are reason alone to visit this amazing and timeless part of Italy.

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Over 9 million visitors come to take in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, The Last Supper, one of Leonardo Da Vinci’s most famous art creations.

The climate in Milan is subtropical with hot summers and cold and foggy winters.

With the Alps and Appennines mountains forming a natural barrier that protects the city from major flows of air coming from the sea, precipitation is one of the lowest in Europe.

Milan is the most modern of all Italian cities, but it still keeps most of its past history intact.

Milan is more a bustling, busy, fashionable business capital with cafes, lots of people only stop to have a quick espresso at the bar counter, and where tourists are more laid back than the locals.

Milan, unlike the traditionally red-terracotta roofed Italian cities, is gothic with limestone or dark stones comprising most of its buildings.

Ancient buildings mainly have a sort of Austrian/Germanic design with some French influences.

However, with people cycling around in old-fashioned bicycles, locals and tourists alike sitting outside restaurants at summer, and people strolling down pedestrian avenues, enjoying gelatos or carrying heavy shopping bags, Milan does boast a bit of “Italian flair”.

Milan is a city not to be missed when visiting Italy, if only to feel like you are a part of the upper echelon for a short time.

I hope you enjoyed Snapshot Monday ~ Milan. Have you been? Did you like it? Share your experiences with us!


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