This island nation is located in the Caribbean Sea, just below the American state of Florida. It comprises some 109,884 square kilometers (42,426 square miles) and, as of the 2015 census, it is home to approximately 11,239,004 people. Enjoy this week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Cuba! A Must Visit For American Travelers In 2017.

Snapshot Monday ~ Cuba


Cuba has long since been shut off from its larger and more powerful neighbor, the United States, for decades over political differences that started in the 1950s and 60s.

Given its location off the Florida coast, the American public was concerned that Cuba’s friendship with Russia would eventually give their enemy a prime spot from which to target them with a nuclear attack.

Trade embargoes and travel restrictions for American citizens were eventually put into place. However, due to on-going negotiations, the country is slowly reopening to admit foreign visitors from the United States.

During its earliest recorded history, Cuba was inhabited by numerous indigenous tribes. But the populace was soon to be tragically decimated by the arrival of Spanish explorers, starting with Christopher Columbus in the 1500s.

Despite this fact, Cuba continued to develop a varied economy rather than a plantation style one. The country has successfully exported coffee, sugarcane, and tobacco at various times in its history. Making Cuba a must visit for American travelers in 2017. After all, who hasn’t heard of the world famous Cuban cigars? Yet most food to the island is currently imported.

Cuba has nonetheless recently received a lot of attention as an up-and-coming vacation spot. There’s no doubt that the scenic capitol city, the bountiful local wildlife, and the gorgeous winter weather are some of the country’s main selling points.

Cuba has a tropical climate that keeps the weather warm year round. The island is also blessed with a consistent, cooling breeze thanks to the trade winds that are found in the area. However, travelers to the island will probably want to avoid the rainy season that normally occurs between the months of May and October.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Cuba! A Must Visit For American Travelers In 2017.

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Cuba! A Must Visit For American Travelers In 2017

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