Buti is a town in the Province of Pisa, which is a region of Tuscany, Italy. It’s located about 30 miles west of Florence and about 9 miles east of Pisa. You know…where the tower actually does lean. Enjoy this week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Buti, Italy.

Snapshot Monday ~ Buti, Italy

Buti, Italy

It’s rolling hills and mountain regions are perfect for both wine vineyards, one of the more famous being Chianti, and olive oil.

The weather is relatively mild. Summer can get quite hot but winter rarely brings snow.

The center of town is typical Italian with café’s that serve fresh varieties of coffee like cappuccino and homemade pastries.

Getting around is pretty easy if you’re used to hiking or walking distances. If not, the bus and train service are also easy and convenient.

The people in Buti are friendly and many come from generations of families original to this region.


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Like all Italian food, Tuscan cooking’s foundation is fresh, simple seasonal ingredients. With local favorites including legumes, cheeses, vegetables and fruits, mostly organic, the cuisine is healthy and light.

Based on what is fresh and local, meals are simple and easy to prepare. The rich flavors, bread, and pasta make for a satisfying meal.

Bread here is served with every meal and dates back to the 16th century where “Tuscan” Italian bread was born.

Because of a tax imposed on salt, those who could not afford it produced the distinctive bread, unlike any other in Italy, that is known worldwide.

A bit flavorless, the unsalted bread is designed to soak up the sauce from the meal. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, you won’t find a meal served in Tuscany without a loaf in the middle of the table. It’s common to find it being passed and pieces torn by each person.

With small castles, cobblestone streets, and markets scattered throughout, this tiny town is a must visit when passing through the region of Tuscany. Its simple, rustic style is reminiscent of medieval times with modern luxuries.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s installment of Snapshot Monday ~ Buti, Italy

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