My recent sponsored visit to Savannah found me booked at some amazing restaurants. My experience confirmed that Savannah is a foodie wonderland!

I visited so many wonderful restaurants in Savannah that I’ve decided to break my reviews and experiences up in two posts. This is article one…

As a perpetual traveler, I’ve visited more than 52 countries but embarrassingly, I must admit, that I’ve been to less than half of the states within my own country.

When I was given the chance to visit Savannah, I jumped at the opportunity. As those of you who follow me regularly know, I love indulging in the food and wine that is famous in any given destination.

Savannah proved to be an incredible foodie city.

First stop – Cotton & Rye


Although I’m a solo traveler, I’m finding the older I get the more I like experiencing my travels with someone else.

This trip I was joined by fellow online entrepreneur and close friend, Linda Beach from A Passionate Dream Life.  Linda is a vegetarian, which adds a different dimension to the culinary experiences we enjoyed during this trip.

Chef Andrew from the Cotton & Rye did not disappoint.

As we walked in we were greeted by the usual kitchen sounds mixed with people clearly enjoying their meals. The delicious smells of food permeated the air and I couldn’t wait to see what was ahead for us.

The atmosphere at Cotton & Rye is casual and friendly and the interior has an open design making it inviting.

The staff is warm and welcoming. Linda and I were seated where we could get a first-hand look at how the restaurant worked.

On the night of our visit, the long bar was full of people enjoying their meals, drinking and happily chatting.

Our server, Melvin came over to explain that Chef Andrew would be presenting the restaurant favorites to me and adapting them for Linda.


The foods we enjoyed are a fusion of modern and traditional. Almost everything is either made on site or sourced from local companies.

We indulged in mac and cheese, grilled cauliflower, Shrimp & Grits made with aged cheddar, tomato and bacon, an amazing Ratatouille Rice with eggplant, squash, and pickled tomatoes and Fingerling Potatoes with lemon, garlic, and herbs. Click here to see more photos.

We were properly stuffed but kept a corner of our stomachs open for dessert. It was nothing short of amazing! The restaurant has a dessert called Candy Bars made of shortbread, caramel, milk chocolate, and whipped creme fraiche and dusted with gold powder. It was to die for!!

Cotton & Rye is high on my list of recommendations to anyone who is looking for a fantastic place to eat while in Savannah.

Want to know more or book a reservation? Here’s some contact info:

HOURS: MON-SAT: 5 p.m.–10 p.m. SUNClosed

Phone Number: 912.777.6286

Location:1801 Habersham St., Savannah, GA 31401





Cohen’s Retreat


As I drove up to Cohen’s Retreat, I was immediately surprised. I thought I was going to be enjoying another delicious meal, but what I found was, as the name implies, the property is a full retreat!

In the early 1930s, Percival Randolph Cohen donated funds to construct a gentlemen’s home.

It has changed hands in the past few decades but its name and integrity remain the same.

Restored to what it is today, the property is an eclectic homage to local artists, food producers and a gathering place for people in the community of all ages to assemble for social events.

The property not only has an amazing restaurant and gift shops but it can accommodate a good sized wedding AND wedding guests. There are cottages, a wonderful meeting room with full kitchen, and gorgeous grounds for photography.

A staff that is clearly happy to be part of the environment greeted my arrival.

My server, Marty, seated me near the main dining hall’s fireplace for the day. After explaining the menu, I was told that Chef Will Herrington would be serving his favorites from the menu created with locally sourced food.

Chef Will came out before each course to explain his inspiration behind the dish and to give us a bit of his own background.

His pride in his craft and his mother’s influence on his cooking style was palpable and I couldn’t help but feel a bit proud for her.

My meal started with a wonderful Watermelon salad made with Basil, Mint, and Arugula. It was tossed in Strawberry Watermelon Vinaigrette and Finished with Pickled Blueberries. The flavors were wonderfully blended and complimentary of each other.

Next, I was served an Artisinal Breadboard. It came with bread from the Auspicious Baking Co., Compound Butter, Tomato Jam, and Pork Rillette. I couldn’t get enough of it. The tomato jam and pork rillette were so delicious.

The next course was a southern tomato pie made with grape tomato, Vidalia onion mozzarella, parmesan, and basil. The crust was so flaky and every element in the pie combined perfectly. It was one of my favorite dishes.

The final dish was based on the traditional shrimp and grits famous in Savannah but with Chef Will’s twist. There were sausage and sweet corn with a lovely gravy. I can’t tell you how delicious it was! My mouth is watering as I write this.

I honestly couldn’t take another bite until Chef walked out with his version of Southern Pecan Pie topped with Savannah’s famous Leopold’s vanilla ice cream. Still warm and gooey it was the perfect ending to the meal.

I’m a firm believer in passion. And the passion that each member of Cohen’ Retreat shows for his or her position within the company is what, collectively, makes the place so very warm, inviting and a must visit when in Savannah.

For more photos of my visit with Cohen’s Retreat gang click here.

Here’s some contact info should you want to learn more or book a reservation:


Phone: 912-355-3336

Reservations: Open Table




The Husk Savannah

Located in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, The Husk is a unique eatery. Executive Chef Chris Hathcock incorporates locally sourced foods to create a one of a k ind eating experience but still remains true to Savannah’s southern roots.

The Husk uses several local featured suppliers who all stress organic, fresh, top quality foods.

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the open kitchen. I’m a huge fan of open kitchens because its where the magic happens and, as a visitor, I get to see it first hand.

I was excited about my sponsored lunch at the Husk and I was not disappointed.

The restaurant is housed in what was once an upscale southern home. The dining area is big enough to seat several people yet small enough to feel intimate and cozy. I sat in the front dining room near the window and fireplace.

I was told that the menu changes often to accommodate and incorporate the best of the local food growers/harvesters. So I knew I was in for a treat.

My meal started with an incredibly delicious Pecan sticky bun served with sage butterscotch…I know what you’re thinking, “Sage, really?”. But let me tell you, it was mouthwateringly delicious – if that’s not a word then I just created it!

With that, I was served a delicious savory pastry with butternut squash. It was warm, flaky and melted in my mouth.

A steaming hot bowl of deliciousness was set down in front of me and all I can say is that heaven HAS to serve this soup.

It was butternut squash, caramelized onion, and mushrooms with pine nuts and crispy bacon. OMG! It was just mind-blowingly good.

My main dish was a menu classic, Eggs Benedict with City Ham, Sourdough English Muffin, and Red-Eye Hollandaise sauce. Yum Yum is all I can say about this one.

Stuffed and satisfied I thought my experience was over until my server came by with a burger the Chef wanted me to try.

Honestly, it didn’t look like anything out of the ordinary so I was thinking that it was “just a burger”, until I bit into it. I don’t know what the chef did, or what magic cow the meat came from but that is the best burger I have ever eaten.

And let me tell you something, I’m not a fan of beef. It’s not my favorite protein by any stretch of the imagination but I would eat that burger every single day!

Don’t miss The Husk if you’re in Savannah. It’s definitely a place you have to eat at least once in your life.

Here’s how to contact The Husk for info or to make a reservation:

Location: 12 W. Oglethorpe Ave., Savannah, GA 31401

Phone: 912.349.2600


LUNCH: 11am-2pm Mon-Fri
BRUNCH: 10am-2pm Sat and Sun
DINNER: 5-10 Sun-Thurs
DINNER: 5-11 Fri-Sat






That’s it for this week. Come back next week for the second article of Savannah – A Foodie Wonderland where I’ll be talking about the rest of my visit to Savannah and the food I indulged in.

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