Get ready to indulge…This guest post by Linda Beach will have you ready to Return to Yourself – Kick Off The New Year with a Personal Retreat!

Return to Yourself - Kick Off The New Year with a Personal Retreat

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in Bali, walking along a dirt path that meanders through tropical trees to a small stone building in the distance. 

You inhale deeply, drawing in the exotic scent of frangipani petals crowding the verdant canopy overhead.

The last year was challenging and you need a fresh start. You have traveled to the Island of the Gods in order to return to your very best self.

A petite barefoot woman in a neatly ironed uniform greets you with head bowed and hands folded prayer-like.

Return to Yourself - Kick Off The New Year with a Personal Retreat

Without a word, she leads you into a spacious tiled room, open at one end to fresh air and sunlight.  Kneeling before you, she gently removes your shoes and presses hot, steamy towels around your calves.  “Is okay Miss?” she politely asks.

“Yes, it’s perfect,” you reply softly as the warmth spreads throughout your body. You can feel the stress floating away.

Now open your eyes and prepare to experience a spa ritual like none other. Your day of pampering is only the beginning to your personal retreat at the Spa Village Resort Tembok.

Designed by a solo female traveler, the Return to Yourself Yoga and Wellness Retreat is an all-inclusive holiday that will recharge your body and soothe your soul.

New Year, New You

Return to Yourself - Kick Off The New Year with a Personal Retreat

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to take better care of yourself and travel more, you are in luck! During your time at Spa Village, you’ll be guided through an inner and outer journey as you dine on healthy fare, enjoy daily spa treatments and explore the beauty of this magical isle.

Wake up early the next morning and hop into a traditional Jukung, or “Spider Boat,” to watch the sunrise over the nearby mountaintops. Imagine your surprise as playful spinner dolphins leap from the water nearby. It’s a magical sight you won’t soon forget!

After breakfast, put on your hiking shoes for a trek to a stunning waterfall. The energy of this natural wonder engulfs you as you quietly meditate under the falling mist.

Your personal retreat also includes a visit to the Ponjok Batu, a unique and sacred Hindu temple built out of massive black stones spilling into the ocean surf.

Return to Yourself - Kick Off The New Year with a Personal Retreat

In the evenings, you’ll relax under the stars while floating on a massive raft in the infinity pool. You can choose headphones to deliver a meditative lullaby or simply tune in to the subtle sounds of the creatures hiding in the foliage nearby. The gentle ocean breezes blow over you as your cares drift quietly away.

You’re in Good Hands

Every little detail is taken care of, including transportation to and from the resort. Your room, all meals, daily spa treatments and tours are covered in the price. Daily lifestyle coaching sessions incorporate Kundalini Yoga and meditation and are included in this personalize retreat experience.

Aren’t you glad you’ve made the decision to finally take care of yourself? After a personal retreat at the Spa Village Tembok, you’ll be ready to tackle anything!

A Few Details

A minimum 3-night stay is required. Available dates are Feb. 5-8, Mar. 5-8, Oct. 1-4, Nov. 5-8 and Dec. 3-6 with an option to add additional nights for an even deeper experience.

Rates are $1350 US per person single occupancy or $750 US per person in a shared room.

For more information, contact Savitri Talahatu, the Retreat Facilitator and Wellness Director at +62 3623 2033 or email her at

For more information, feel free to contact me at:


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