Traveling with pets is becoming more popular than ever before. Here are some pros and cons of traveling with pets.

While it can reduce anxiety for you both, you will find that sometimes it can also become stressful on the owner.


Peace of mind

Let’s face it, separation from your pet while on vacation can cause you some anxiety. Wondering if they are getting extra snuggles that you normally give or whether they are being fed properly can cause us to miss out on a great holiday.

 You don’t have to worry about any of those things when your pup is with you. 

A whole new world 

It’s a whole new adventure for your dog. Amazing new places to sniff as well as mark. Those dogs that love meeting new people will have friends from all over.

New places and new people helps with mental stimulation for dogs as well. It keeps them from getting bored!

Getting social

Dogs need to have proper socialization and traveling is the perfect opportunity for Fido to learn them. They not only will make human friends but they will also possibly make other dog friends too. 

While your pooch is socializing so are YOU! Dogs are perfect ice breakers when meeting new people anywhere and everywhere you go!

No need to travel solo

When you travel with your pet you don’t have to worry about feeling lonely (neither will your dog). Traveling together is actually beneficial for you both in terms of mental health. Your dog can keep you calm and you can keep your dog from getting depressed when you leave him or her behind.


Unfortunately, there are going to be places that you travel to or through that may be questionable. Having your dog by your side may help put you at ease. 

There are certain people that may try to take advantage of you and having your dog by your side can often make them think twice before assaulting you.

Okay, here they come…… 



Whether you are driving or flying, some pets have anxiety and traveling to any destination can be hard on the them. Check with your vet to see if there is anything you can do to relieve the anxiety. 

Also some airlines will only let your pet travel in the cargo area and this can be extremely anxiety producing for pets with all the noise and temperature changes.

Make sure your paperwork is in order ahead of time as it could delay or cancel your travel plans. Depending upon where you are traveling to there is paperwork that needs to be filled out properly by your vet.

Also, crate size or in flight restrictions can apply. Be sure to check with the airlines, country, as well as TSA. Do your research before buying your tickets.

Local transportation could be a cause for concern as well. Be sure to research it if you’re need any licences or permits at your destination; specifically if you are traveling abroad.


Although there are more places accepting pets than ever before, there are still some that do not. Research in advance and also ask about pet policies and additional prices.

The last thing you want is to arrive and find out there’s an additional huge fee an unmanagable restrictions.


If you’re a family traveling with your furry family member and have additional activities planned, be sure you have a place for him/her to stay while you’re out on activities he or she can’t join you in.

Check out local boarding facilities or animal sitters ahead of time. You definitely don’t want to return to an Airbnb or a motel/hotel and discover your dog had some anxiety and destroyed the house or hotel room.


You are going to come across some of these signs. Be vigilant to make sure you’re following the rules (especially if you’re in another country). Be a responsible dog owner. 

If you find that the pros outweigh the cons than Fido can leave his paw prints all over the world next to yours. Be sure to take the proper steps (if) needed so it’s less stress on you both and you can ensure you have an enjoyable adventure.

Do you travel with you pets? Do you have any additional tips to share? Drop them in the comments below.



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