My WHY – Why I Wake Up Every Morning With A Smile

My WHY - Why I Wake Up Every Morning With A Smile

I’ve had the wanderlust bug all my life. My father was a career military man and we moved every few years.

As an adult, travel became my WHY…why I was going to travel the world…full time…on my own.

The thing was I didn’t know how I was going to afford it.

So, I sat down and gave some serious thought to all the ways I could use my talents and turn what I loved into a job.

I quickly decided that I was going to be a Virtual Assistant. It would afford me the life I wanted. I would be able to travel where, when, and as long as I wanted and still make a great, full-time income.

Four years later here I am, traveling the world, meeting wonderful people, experiencing all that life has to offer, living a limitless lifestyle…living my WHY every day!

Starting a virtual assistant business is a lot of fun, but it can also be very challenging; especially if you’re not quite sure what you’re doing.

During those times when you start feeling overwhelmed and scared…think about YOUR WHY.

Staying linked to your WHY will keep you focused, and help you move your VA business forward. Particularly on days when you lack motivation or feel discouraged, and believe me, you will have plenty of those days!

Your WHY is the reason you’re taking this journey. Your WHY gets you up in the morning. Your WHY gets you excited. Your WHY is what pushes you past your comfort zone and toward your ultimate goal.


I’ll share a bit of the story behind my WHY

As a child, I didn’t much appreciate being dragged out of a place I had just started making friends with to move across the country and live among people and cultures I knew nothing about, but that was the military life.

As I grew older, I realized that I was being given a chance that many never would…I experienced new cultures, saw beautiful natural wonders, and made friends with exotic people.

I realized early on that travel was going to be a huge part of my life…at the time I just didn’t know how.

Fast forward 45 years and, after raising a family, divorcing, and finding myself, for all intents and purposes, jobless and homeless at the age of 50, I was presented with the ability to start my life over.

And that’s exactly what I did!

Before an unexpected divorce, I’d spent most of my adult life as a video director/editor. I liked it, but I HATED corporate life. Although I was a freelancer, the companies that hired me to come to their facilities and direct/edit projects dictated my days.

There was never enough time for travel (except on the rare occasions that a shoot or project brought me to another dark set and editing room) and never enough time for family.

Year after long year passed with me just existing.

I dreamed of setting my own hours, choosing who I worked with, and offering the services I wanted to offer. Getting paid what I wanted was just the cherry on the ice cream for me!

I prefer to work alone (like a lot of virtual assistants) and do my best when I work that way. I’m a happier person when I can get my work done my way and then choose who I interact with on a socially.

One of the main things I enjoy about being an entrepreneur is having complete say in my own business. Because I really love traveling, writing, and teaching others, I can combine all of that into my business, my way.

I love that I get to turn my passions for travel and helping people into my dream business. And I do it from anywhere in the world.

So my Why is that I get to:

  • set my own hours (I can travel, visit with family and friends, and see the world whenever I want)
  • choose who I work with
  • offer the services I want to
  • work alone
  • work in my undies (ok not really but I can if I wanted to!), on the couch, or poolside
  • do the work that I’m passionate about and help people at the same time
  • be my own boss babe
  • blog, write, teach, and coach
  • make enough money to do whatever I want


Do you want to be a VA so you can set your own hours and work wherever you want? So you can work from home and spend more time with your family, or so that you can work from anywhere and travel the world?

Maybe you want a job where you don’t have to wear dresses or pantsuits (it really is one of the main reasons among VA’s when asked).

Whatever the reasons, I want you to create a vision board, make a list and keep both where you can see them.

Looking at your WHY every day will keep it at the forefront of your mind. Seeing your WHY often will inspire you whenever you need it.  Put the list on your mirror, in your journal, in your purse, wherever you’ll see it often.

Put your vision board in your bedroom, on your refrigerator, in the room where your home office will be. Look at it several times a day!

Here are some questions to get you started:

Do you want to work the days and times that you choose?

Do you want to dress however you choose?

  • Do you have kids, a significant other, or animals that you want to stay at home with?
  • Do you want to work from wherever you want? From the couch, coffee shop, or Fiji?
  • Do you want to be your own boss?
  • Do you want to feel gratification from helping people and being of service?
  • Do you want to do work that gets you excited?
  • Do you want to set your own rates and make a great living?


I would love to hear your Why! There’s nothing more inspiring or motivating than reading other people’s whys.

PLEASE share yours in the comments.


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