People have different opinions when it comes to the type of beach they prefer. Here are My Top 10 Beach Picks.

Some people love isolated beaches, others like busy resort-type beaches. 

Some go to beaches for the white powdery sand,  some go for the watersports, and others go to layout for hours and enjoy a good book while soaking in the sun.

Whatever your reason to go to the beach is, consider my picks before you go.

My Top 10 Beach Picks


1. Maldives

You certainly can’t narrow down just one best beach in the Maldives

The white sand, incredibly blue waters, and sunsets that you only see in the movies are to die for. 

It’s no wonder the Maldives rates high among the world’s best beaches in magazines and with me.  

2. Papakōlea Beach, Hawaii

Is a two-mile strenuous hike (if you’re up for it) to one of the four green sand beaches in the world. 

Who wouldn’t want to leave their footprints behind on one of the rarest green sandy beaches

The other green beaches are Talofofo Beach, Guam; Punta Cormorant on Floreana Island in the Galapagos Islands; and Hornindalsvatnet, Norway.

3. Eagle Beach, Aruba

Now this is a touristy beach that consists of watersports as well as shaded huts. 

It’s beautiful blue water as well as it’s white soft sand is inviting to any beach lover, especially those that like to people watch. 

Sea turtles love to nest here as well helping it rate as one of the world’s best beaches among some major magazines.

La Concha Beach, Spain

Often referred to as the most beautiful city beach in Europe, it was also listed as the second-best city beach according to Travel and Leisure Magazine. 

The crescent shaped beach is protected from the winds and is inviting to those that want to swim and or walk its sandy coves.. 

5. Grace Bay Beach, Turks and Caicos

This 13 mile popular stretch of beach houses many restaurants, bars, and hotels. 

The cabanas and the loungers can be found along the beach as well making it a fantastic place to hang out during the day and night. 

The soft sand and shallow warm water are enough to entice any beach lover

6. Playa Norte (North Beach), Mexico

This beach is a very popular beach among tourists. 

Known as the most beautiful beach in Mexico, it’s clear blue water and palm tree-lined beach is nothing short of paradise! 

The beach is lined with restaurants and bars which makes for a great party scene.

7. Prainhas do Pontal do Atalaia, Brazil

Make your way down the walkway and staircase into paradise. But don’t forget to take pictures on your way down. 

The soft sand and green-blue water (depending on the time of day and the position of the sun) is absolute perfection. 

This is definitely one of My Top 10 Beach Picks.     

8. Kelingking Beach, Bali

If you’re looking for more of a secluded beach this is it! 

In order to get to the secluded beach you have to hike down 400-meter during low tide but many believe it’s worth it. 

Before you decide to hike down take in the unique formation of a T-Rex’s head. It is often referred to as T-Rex Bay of Bali

If you plan on swimming, be very cautious of the current as it can have a strong one. 

9. Cala Goloroitze, Italy

Another remote beach paradise that isn’t easy to get to. 

This beach paradise is surrounded by towering rugged cliffs and trails to hike as well as coves to explore. 

Keep in mind however the hiking trails are difficult. The cool emerald water, however, is absolutely mesmerizing while you’re floating in the water. 

10. The Baths, British Virgin Islands

Escape the crowds to this beautiful white sandy beach

The beach is uniquely surrounded by gigantic granite boulders that are thought to be created by volcanoes. 

These gigantic boulders are perfect for exploring and snorkeling the caves and grottos.     

So there you have it, My Top 10 Beach Picks. What do you think? Do you agree? Do you have your own favorite beach picks? 

Share your experiences and ideas with us!

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