The Maldives

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Indigo warm waters as clear as glass. Long stretches of baby powder soft sand so white it hurts the eyes. Clear skies with cotton candy clouds. These are the visions I’ve had in my head for as long as I can remember when I envision visiting the Maldives.

Sleep has completely left me, my mind wanders during the day, and I’ve packed and repacked three times so far with my antsy anticipation. I’m counting down the days and staring at the clock…why does one hour feel like ten when you’re waiting for something exciting and then once it happens the hours fly by like seconds! What’s up with that?!

Singapore Airport

Male Airport


I’ll be leaving from Singapore and the four hour, forty-five minute flight into Male, the mainland of the Maldives, will be anxious filled I’m sure! I’ll make sure to check in with daily updates so make sure you check me out on all my social media channels.

My first day I’ll spend in Male. I love discovering new cultures and there’s no better way then to pop on a backpack, grab my camera, and walk around. For this trip I haven’t done a lot of planning. I kind of like the idea of finding places to eat and interesting points to see; my favorite thing is to spend some time with the locals. That’s where you’ll get the best advice on where to find great local food!

Bright and early the next morning I’ll be hoping on a sea plane for the short flight to Maafushivaru Resort and the over water villa I’ll call home for the few days that follow. I do have plans to do some activities but I think what I’ll do most is take turns relaxing in the sun and jumping off the veranda into the warm Indian Ocean.

So, before I leave on this epic trip, I’d like to ask you for your advice. Does anyone have suggestions on places I shouldn’t miss on the mainland? Any recommendations on where to find great street food, or places the locals like to hang out. Where can I find some good music, interesting cultural museums and buildings, and interesting tours? I’m open to suggestions and would love your recommendations.

Don’t forget to check in, I promise to post pictures and videos of my trip often. I’m on Periscope and Vine as well and will be bragging about my trip daily…come on, you would too!

Have you been to the Maldives? Where did you stay? Share your experiences with us!

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