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You’ve started a blog and it’s filled with descriptive words and captivating photos.

Your readers love what you have to say. But it’s not enough.

You want to expand your reach and become known in your niche.

You want to find a way to make money so you can travel farther (and far more often)!

And you really want to land some sponsored gigs!

You’ve heard how other bloggers get preferential treatment and upgrades and other perks but you have no idea how they do it.

Listen, most travel bloggers spend far more time online than they do traveling!  

They’re habitually overworked and underpaid

They constantly make the wrong decisions about their business

They spending 4-8 hours a day on everything but trip planning.

Despite all their efforts, they can’t attract any sponsorships

Unable to build their audience, they can’t afford any new trips

(The truth is, 95% of them would never acknowledge they are doing it totally wrong!)

Are you ready to create a schedule that fits the lifestyle you dream about? You know, the one where you have lots of time to spend with your family and friends.

Don’t stay stuck in that maddening loop of all work and no play!

Mastering Sponsored Travel is designed to show you the EXACT steps for turning out a great blog that attracts sponsors – everything from soup to nuts!

Our brilliant blogger roadmap will:

👉 Teach you proven strategies that will elevate you to blogging rockstar status  

👉 Explain how you can attract the most prestigious sponsors so that you can travel longer and farther

👉 Help you build an engaged social media following and potential clients to monetize your blog

👉 Show you how to write a pitch letter that gets a YES

👉 Over-deliver so you get noticed and asked back

👉 Build relationships so you’re seen as an expert in your niche 

Once you’ve completed this course you won’t have to guess how TOP bloggers really do it because you will know what they know!

You’ll never feel like an “imposter blogger” ever again because you’ll be one of the true professionals who are rocking their blogs and raking in sponsorships.


Take a peek at our entire curriculum right here…

Module 1: Sponsored Travel 101

     Lesson One: What is sponsored travel?

     Lesson Two: What is a Sponsor?

     Lesson Three: Expectations

Module 3 – The Perfect Pitch

     Lesson One – Preparing for your Pitch

     Lesson Two: The Pitch Letter

     Lesson Three: Your Media Kit

Module 5 – The Follow Up

     Lesson One: The Perfect Review

     Lesson  Two: Wrap Up

Module 2 – Preparing for your first sponsorship

     Lesson One: The importance of networking

     Lesson Two: Type of Sponsorships


Module 4 – Landing your first sponsorship

     Lesson One: After your Yes

     Lesson Two: You’ve Arrived

PLUS dozens of bonuses including:


Lifetime Access To The Private Student Facebook Group

  • Daily access to me in the Facebook Group

  • Weekly Zoom Office Hours

  • Network and communicate with other students

If you have knowledge,

let others light their candles in it.

~ Margaret Fuller


It would take years to piece together this information all by yourself. That’s why I’ve put everything I’ve learned in the last seven years as a travel blogger into this course.

Hi, I’m Marie Hernandez and I’m your sponsored travel mentor!

My life used to be pretty boring. I would spend my free time reading blog after blog and dream about traveling the world one day.

And then I decided to take bold action and put that passion to work! I started my blog, Seriously Travel, back in 2012 and dove in head first. I spent countless hours studying the “famous” travel bloggers so I could duplicate their success.

But what really changed things for me was actually doing. Getting out and traveling and putting what I learned into action. I traveled the world, meeting people, eating fabulous cuisine and exploring unique properties. I wrote about my experiences for my own blog and as a guest for others.

Now I’m proud to be the Editor-In-Chief for the wildly popular The Hotel Guide and the creator of online courses that help new and seasoned bloggers fulfill their dreams.

As a travel blogger, I know how badly you want to find your own voice, stay true to your vision, and have the freedom to travel the world WHEN and WHERE you choose.

You want to establish yourself by creating a successful blog, build an engaged social media following, and inspire people with your sponsored travel.

You have the Passion and Ambitions.

This online course is where Your Passion Becomes Your Business.


You’ll hear from others that becoming a professional blogger is difficult… More difficult than most people think…

Some say it can take decades to get yourself to a place where you’re making enough money to fund your travels.

While this might be true for some, it doesn’t have to be for you!

Mastering Sponsored Travel will shave YEARS off this process.

With our step-by-step guide, fill in the blank templates, and other time-saving tools, your dream sponsorships will be yours quicker than you could ever imagine.

I recommend mastering Sponsored Travel no matter where you are in your blogging or writing stage. Marie Hernandez gets to the guts of The Who, What, When and Where of sponsored travel. She reminded me of the details I need to see to, and brought out professional ways to handle situations I had never considered. I have been blogging and writing for years but after this class I feel more prepared and motivated to pursue my goals in the future.

Cindy Ladage

This course is a must for anyone thinking of starting a blog. I have been curious about blogging for some time and really didn’t know where to start and how to monetize my efforts. This course helped me find my niche, style, and think about my blog as a brand. With a blend of video presentations, useful exercises and valuable resources, this experience will help me take my blog from idea to launch.

Hayley Moran

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, and I learned in Marie’s course things that I never learned in my 10 years of blogging. Marie explains things thoroughly and simply, that even people who do not speak English as a first language could easily understand everything. I really enjoyed the Mastering Sponsored Travel course and recommend the course. Marie is such a kind person who’s willing to share her knowledge, always with a smile! Her passion for the subject is amazing and catching. I loved the lessons that contain valuable information and what was also so beneficial is the private groups where you can interact with fellow classmates and Marie herself that’s always ready to give a hand. Thank you very much, Marie!

Michal Markowich

This course really opened doors for me! Not only was it packed full of useful information but having Marie as a teacher was a true gift! She radiates positivity and is incredibly supportive of her student’s growth! Learning how to apply for sponsored travel was something that boggled my mind for so long. Now, thanks to this course I have all the answers and more to start me on my way!

Tegan Wylie

If you’re unsure of whether or not this is the course for you, just do it! Take the leap and let Marie guide you full steam ahead into the wonderful world of blogging, especially if you’re just starting out. I’ve learned a lot from the last few weeks of participating in the course, and have definitely seen not only my knowledge improve when it comes to best practices but also the courage to put myself and my blog out there. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn with you Marie Hernandez it’s been a fun and insightful journey!

Michaela Fulton

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