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     A 90-minute Group Program where you’ll get a deep understanding of the many companies that you can work with. You’ll also discover the many benefits of sponsorships and how they can go on to build your brand.

In this class, you will get an in-depth look at what sponsored travel is and how you can use your current social media to attract travel sponsors. (this is often surprising for many students.)

I’ve taken the things that I’ve learned over that last 7 years of my digital nomad career and simplified them into this 90- minute program.

This is what is included in the curriculum, what it costs, the bonus details.


here’s everything you get…


In this class, I go into detail about exactly what sponsored travel is, the benefits of sponsored travel, who sponsored travel is for and the importance of mindset.

Here, you’ll get a deep understanding of the many companies that you can work with as a travel blogger/digital nomad. You’ll also discover the many benefits of sponsorships and how they can go on to build your brand. In this 90-minute class, you will get an in-depth look at what sponsored travel is, and who can offer sponsorships. (this is often surprising for many students.)

As with any endeavor, mindset is part of learning and achieving and I go into how that mindset can set you up for success.


>> Understanding and seeing yourself as a professional and respecting the role you and your sponsors play with each other.

>> Truly comprehending what sponsored travel is and why sponsors love bloggers.

>> Understanding exactly what a sponsor is and how they relate to your blogging career.

>> Learn how you can get a sponsorship regardless of your niche.

>> Understanding how sponsorships mutually benefit your sponsor and your blog.

>> Implementing your blog, social media channels, and niche choices to attract sponsors.

>> Dive deep into the expectations of sponsors and how you can attract them with your social media channels and personality.

>> Implement my proven belief and mindset strategy that will keep you focused and excited while building your online presence.



Your investment for this 90-minute group class with handouts is just $97.00 USD

I recommend mastering Sponsored Travel no matter where you are in your blogging or writing stage. Marie Hernandez gets to the guts of The Who, What, When and Where of sponsored travel. She reminded me of the details I need to see to, and brought out professional ways to handle situations I had never considered. I have been blogging and writing for years but after this class I feel more prepared and motivated to pursue my goals in the future.

Cindy Ladage

This course is a must for anyone thinking of starting a blog. I have been curious about blogging for some time and really didn’t know where to start and how to monetize my efforts. This course helped me find my niche, style, and think about my blog as a brand. With a blend of video presentations, useful exercises and valuable resources, this experience will help me take my blog from idea to launch.

Hayley Moran

I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years now, and I learned in Marie’s course things that I never learned in my 10 years of blogging. Marie explains things thoroughly and simply, that even people who do not speak English as a first language could easily understand everything. I really enjoyed the Mastering Sponsored Travel course and recommend the course. Marie is such a kind person who’s willing to share her knowledge, always with a smile! Her passion for the subject is amazing and catching. I loved the lessons that contain valuable information and what was also so beneficial is the private groups where you can interact with fellow classmates and Marie herself that’s always ready to give a hand. Thank you very much, Marie!

Michal Markowich

This course really opened doors for me! Not only was it packed full of useful information but having Marie as a teacher was a true gift! She radiates positivity and is incredibly supportive of her student’s growth! Learning how to apply for sponsored travel was something that boggled my mind for so long. Now, thanks to this course I have all the answers and more to start me on my way!

Tegan Wylie

If you’re unsure of whether or not this is the course for you, just do it! Take the leap and let Marie guide you full steam ahead into the wonderful world of blogging, especially if you’re just starting out. I’ve learned a lot from the last few weeks of participating in the course, and have definitely seen not only my knowledge improve when it comes to best practices but also the courage to put myself and my blog out there. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to learn with you Marie Hernandez it’s been a fun and insightful journey!

Michaela Fulton

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