Italy is a top travel destination for a reason. After all, the country is known for its fine wines, delicious food, amazing architecture, and exquisite artworks. Enjoy Luxury Resorts in Italy.

Travelers have subsequently been making their way here for centuries and the heavy influx of visitors doesn’t seem to be abating anytime soon.

It’s therefore no surprise that the nicest resorts tend to be heavily booked throughout much of the year.

If your budget allows it, here are some places that you may just want to check out on your next pass through Italy.

Luxury Resorts in Italy

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Luxury Resorts in Italy

Luxury Resorts In Italy

Appia Antica Resort Not only does this resort hold a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, it also is the website’s highest rated hotel in Italy.

Reviewers regularly mention that Appia Attica is a particularly good value choice for families.

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The friendly staff even gives day tours of nearby sites such as the Appian Way. Guests are also sure to enjoy the complimentary snacks that can be found in each suite.

However, travelers should be aware that this hotel is not located in the city center and make their plans accordingly.

Luxury Resorts In Italy

Grand Hotel Tremezzo Found on the shores of Lake Cosmo, this establishment holds an award from Forbes for having one of the best spas in the world.

It also holds a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. Those staying here should definitely make sure that their room overlooks the lake as the vistas can be quite scenic.

While the estate grounds and the floating pool are considered to be the resort’s most impressive features, the town of Bellagio is only a short ferry ride away from the building.

Although some reviewers have found the available hotel breakfast to be too basic for their tastes, others thought it was quite tasty so your mileage may vary on that score.

Luxury Italian Resorts

Hotel Eden Rome Part of the Dorchester Collection, this resort holds a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence and was also recently named the country’s most up-and-coming hotel by Forbes Magazine.

The location is ideal as the building is located quite close to sites such as the Spanish Steps and the American Embassy. Pets are even allowed to travel with their families who are staying at this spot.

Most of the hotel staff does speak English so international travelers are sure to be understood here.

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Although Rome is full of tasty places to eat, the resort’s rooftop restaurant remains an ideal dining spot if you’re tired from a long day and simply want to stay in.

The food is great and the city views are spectacular, so what’s not to love? This is an obvious favorite Luxury Resorts in Italy.

Luxury Italian Resorts

Belmond Hotel Spendido The town of Portofino doesn’t have many hotels but this is probably the only one you’ll need. Although the bedrooms are modestly sized, they contain luxury bath products that visitors are sure to appreciate.

Travelers should make time to stop by the onsite eatery which not only serves up delicious fare but provides them a chance to get up and dance, if they so desire.

Those that desire to simply sit and eat will no doubt enjoy the excellent views of the nearby bay area that can be glimpsed from the restaurant.

However, you may need to ask for a table near the windows in order to be seated there. Families will additionally be delighted to learn that the hotel offers a wide variety of classes for their young guests and there is also a pool for them to enjoy.

Aside from the price, the only downside to this establishment is that there is a lengthy uphill hike required to get to it from the port if you’re not interested in taking a taxi.

Italian Luxury Resorts

Borgo Egnazia This hotel is located in the town of Savelletri Di Fasano. It not only holds a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence, it was also recently named as the winner of Forbes’ Hotel of the Year Award making it a Luxury Resorts in Italy that’s not to be missed.

The building is located near the local beach but the establishment is also home to three pools, one of which is reserved for adults.

The hotel-run kid’s club offers a wide range of activities for children who happen to be staying here so they don’t end up getting bored and annoying people.

Although suites are available with kitchen facilities, it would be a shame to miss the delicious breakfast and dinner that are served up here.

So that’s it. I hope you liked my list of Luxury Resorts in Italy. Have you been to any of them? Do you have a list of your own favorites? Share your experiences with us!


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