A message from Marie…

I want to thank you for your participation in the Beta program. You’ve exceeded my highest expectations! I hope you’re just as excited about achieving your sponsored travel goals as I am!

I’ve created some awesome Beta Extension Programs and I’m jumping out of my skin with excitement about continuing our journey together!

Check them out…

Option One –

Beta Alumni

Choose Option One and get lifetime access to Mastering Sponsored Travel, which includes:

 ~ Every upgrade I make to the course including::

          >> Template and scripts to every module and lesson

          >> Full access to every future bonus

          >> Module upgrades when new technology comes out

 ~ Lifetime access to the VIP Facebook Group

~ First-hand knowledge about MeetUps and Workshops!

1 Payment of $297


Bonus #1: My secret stash of pitch letters.

Yep, these are the tried-and-true pitch letters I’ve used to score thousands of dollars in sponsored travel. I’ve included:

√ Tourism Board pitch letter template

√ Hotel/Resort pitch letter template

√ Restaurant pitch letter template

Bonus #2: My Done For You Package

√ Done For You Pitch Letter

√ Done For You Media Agreement

√ Done For You Media Kit

√ Personalized Coaching of Your Social Media Posts/Review

Bonus #3: My go-to directories for researching trips

√ US Travel and Tourism Office Directory

√ International Tourism Office Directory

√ List of bloggers that accept guest posts

√ List of magazines that accept articles from freelancers

√ List of websites that purchase photos from photographers

Bonus #4: Tip-filled interviews from industry experts

√ Interview with Megan Gerrard from “Mapping Megan”

√ Interview with Nicole Connolly from “Suitcase Stories”

√ Interview with Tracy Khee, Marriott Public Relations Expert


1 Payment of $997

Pay in Full and SAVE $185!


6 Payments of $197

Option Two –

Beta For Life

This is an offer you CAN’T refuse!


You get everything from Beta Alumni PLUS EVERY FUTURE COURSE I EVER CREATE!!


That’s right – If I create it, you get it…it’s that simple!


This is what you can expect in the next 12 – 24 months:

~ Mastering Blogging (incl. monetizing your blog) – Value $1497

   (scheduled to launch June 2019)

~ Mastering Vlogging (incl. Drone usage) – Value $997

   (scheduled to launch September 2019)

~ Mastering Travel Photography – Value $697 (scheduled to launch January 2020)

~ Mastering Travel Writing – Value $497 (scheduled to launch April 2020)

In the next 24 months, you will receive these 4 courses + the updated Mastering Sponsored Travel course you just took totaling $3,985 for less than $1000.00!!!

AND that’s not all! You will also automatically be placed into any other course I create after the 24 months, GUARANTEED! 




Let’s break this all down…


This is what you can expect from Mastering Blogging 


~ Guidance on how to choose your perfect blog name & niche

~ Custom basic blog built for you by our in-house website designer who is in the private Facebook group to help you with tips to keep your website up to date.

~ Blog SEO customization done for you by our in-house SEO Expert who is also in the private Facebook group to help you with strategies and tactics to implement on your own.

~ Step-by-step instructions on how to build each social media channel and how to grow an organic following

~ How to Launch your blog and have readers from the beginning

~ How to write engaging content that keeps them coming back

~ How to successfully network with bloggers and get featured on larger websites as well as major media

~ How to set up newsletters and grow your email list so you can monetize it later!

~ How to monetize your blog

~ How to master affiliate marketing 

~ How to work with PR, tourism boards, and brands the right way

~ How to create and sell digital products

~ Access to the private Facebook Group for daily advice from a website design expert, SEO expert, and me.

~ Access to weekly live Office Hours for advice and direct access to me.

Money Back Guarantee

I’m so excited about these Beta Extension Programs and how much you’ll learn about traveling!

In fact, I’m so committed to this work that I promise you this: If I don’t create at least 2 additional courses in the next 18 months, I’ll give you back ALL YOUR MONEY– no questions asked!


What if I can't afford it?

This is not your average program. You will be investing in your yourself and building the foundation of a life that combines your passions with your desire to build an online business, have more freedom to travel,  and monetize your blog. The coaching and resources you will receive during our journey together are invaluable! You can’t afford NOT to invest in yourself.

Will I really get access for life?

The simple and truthful answer is…YES! You will get full access for life! No rules, no limitations, no demands. Once you’ve purchase any of the options, you will enjoy full access for life…guaranteed!

Will I really get access to every course you produce?

When you purchase either the Beta For Life or Beta VIP option, you will get every single course I produce from now till the end of time!

Okay, It’s not likely that I will be producing courses when I’m 80 but, there are at least 4 additional courses in the pipeline and you’ll get FULL access to them when they’re launched…I PROMISE!

And as I said, if I don’t launch at least two courses in the next 18 to 36 months, I WILL GIVE YOU ALL YOUR MONEY BACK!

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?


Only kidding! Yes, of course, you can get a refund. If in the next 15 days you are not satisfied with your purchase, I will give you a full refund. No Questions Asked!

What happens to my access to the Beta course?

Access to the Beta course ended at midnight on 28 February 2019. I’ll be gathering all of your helpful feedback and implementing it into the course for the public release sometime at the beginning of March! So, not only will all the great information and resources that you had access to still be there but, I’ll be adding all the upgrades.

Will you be offering these options again?

Unfortunately, no. I created these options just for you and just for this Beta program. So, jump on these while you can!

I’m so excited to see you take your travel blogging and sponsored travel dreams to the next level! Who knows, we might run into each other in Tuscany, or Greece, or Fiji! Wouldn’t that be amazing?!