Most visitors to Siem Reap, Cambodia come with the sole purpose of visiting the Temples of Angkor. Lush tropical forests and blooming rice fields surround the soaring towers and elaborate carvings making for a breathtaking tour.

Angkor Wat is the iconic temple depicted in the movie Tomb Raider and the more famous of the temples. Ankor Thom is famous for its four huge stone faces and nestled in its center is a third temple Bayon, Jayavarman VII’s state-temple which has two galleries of bas-reliefs.

There are many more sites to see among the four hundred kilometers of property this UNESCO site and if your not careful you can easily get lost. We’ve chosen some of our favorite shots from our trip to the to Siem Reap to share with you.

Popular shot of temples The Temple Reflection shot is the photo that’s most famous for tourists.

Side small buildings There are many smaller buildings inaccessible to the public but just as nice to look at.

Laura Croft Tree
The famous Laura Croft tree.

Monks move freely through the Temples and this one was kind enough to let me photograph him.

Long outside wall

Steep Stairs
The access to some of the temples included steep climbs.

Resident monkey
A resident of the temples.

Temple Alter
Shrines can be found scattered throughout the temples.

Entrance to temple head

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