Tuscany is one of those destinations in Europe that people dream of visiting.

As you know, I’ve visited every year for the past 4 and I never tire of its amazing beauty.

Depending on the time of year the air is scented with the sweet smell of grapes, succulent, bitty hint of olive oil, or the sweet smell of wheat browning in the summer sun.

Tuscany is a wonder to the eyes with landscapes filled with rolling green hills miles of golden landscape and vineyards for as long as the eye can see.

There are many ways to see all that Tuscany has to offer, but, the only way for me is to experience all the beauty with a private, local tour guide.

This past September, I had the honor of meeting and spending a whole day with Massi and Deborah, owners of Italy Unfiltered.

From the second I was picked up, I knew I was in for a treat!

We immediately stopped in a small café for a cappuccino and pastry! What a way to start the day, right?

Massi did the driving while Deborah, along with their adorable pup, walked us through our day.

I’m a huge fan of allowing a local guide to take me anywhere they think I’m going to see the best of the local area.

I was NOT disappointed by the itinerary Massi and Deborah chose for me.

We first headed to a wonderful local wine festival in Montefioralle, Tuscany. As you know, Italy is most famous for its amazing wines and none more than the wines produced in Tusacny.

We were in the region where some of the most wonderful organic wine growers produce world-class wines.

Massi, who is from the area, explained about each of the wines, the producers, and what the differences of each are.

I came to find that both Deborah and Massi are extremely knowledgeable about all things Tuscany. From wine to art, culture, and traditions, there was nothing that I asked that they could not explain and teach me.

After we were satisfied with wine and a delicious lunch, we headed off to a local goat cheese-making farm.

This, I was so thrilled with. I’m a huge animal lover and I was dying to play with some of the goats.

I was not disappointed. When we arrived, the young men that own the farm allowed us to visit the baby goats and to see the process of how they make the small batches of organic goat cheese.

These men were so gregarious and kind. Their love for the goats and what they are doing is palpable and I could understand why the cheeses were so delicious.

I am a firm believer that the energy of kindness seeps through to everything in life and it is true for the delicious cheeses that I was honored to taste during my visit.

These young men are doing a beautiful job with their small production of various organic goat cheese and Italy Unfiltered is doing a wonderful job brining people to them for awareness and a unique experience.

After a couple of hours at the farm, it was time to move on to tour a wonderful medieval village in Montalcino, Tuscany.

This quaint medival village is filled with cobblestone streets, art, architecture and food. OH, the food!

As I quickly came to expect, Massi and Deborah suggestions for dinner was nothing short of perfect.

The meal consisted of delicious homemade pastas, local organic wines, and desserts to die for!

I love everything about Tuscany but specifically their love affair and passion for food and wine.


Once we were filled to the brim with gorgeous food we moved on to explore and learn about a local vineyard.

The owner only produces small batch wines for a specific clientele but was more than happy to welcome us to the vineyard and show us around.

Yes, our visit consisted of a wine tasting in which I enjoyed every delicious sip.

Family who manages everything from picking the grapes to marketing to their specific market manages the vineyard with perfection.

Reluctantly, we needed to move on as Massi wanted to drive us out to see some of the amazing landscape this area of Tuscany has to offer.

Our drive took us to the most gorgeous golden rolling hills and valleys. The wheat harvesting season had just passed and giant rolls of wheat where scattered across the landscape.

Massi picked the perfect hilltop to drive us to and we got out of the van.

As I stepped out, I felt like I had stepped into a painting. Surrounding me was a landscape filled with cypress trees, golden freshly tilled fields where future wheat would be planted, and giant rolls of wheat waiting for the mill.

Massi and Deborah bid me farewell and I’ll admit, it was like saying goodbye to family.

In a short few hours I felt connected to these wonderful people and I’m happy to say that I will return over and over again to them and their wonderful business.

I can’t recommend a tour by Italy Unfiltered enough. The passion that Massi and Deborah have for their personalized business adds to the experiences they offer.

I love that they insist on small groups so they can ensure that each person gets personalized attention.

Another aspect of their business that I love is that they will personalize your time with them accordingly.

They have no problem changing a destination in the middle of a tour to suit your needs. This is what personalized attention is all about!

The next time you are in Tuscany make sure to book a tour with Italy Unfiltered and I can guarantee you will have an experience that is unmatched by any other.

For more information or to contact Massi and Deborah with questions, here are their details:

Physical Address: Strada Dell’agazzara 1853100

                               Siena, SI Italy

Phone: +39 340 883 6285

Email: italyunfiltered@icloud.com

Website: https://www.italyunfiltered.com/



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