You may or may not know about my story; what set me on my perpetual trek around this big, glorious world of ours.

If you haven’t heard it before, here’s a recap.

In October of 2015, I was happily living my life in an Asian country with my then husband. I had started a travel blog, gained a bit of notoriety for it, and was doing some amazing sponsored trips around Southeast Asia.

Life was good…

Or so I thought!

It started as a normal day, I sent my husband off on a three-week business trip and settled into my schedule, which included some travel of my own.

Less than 12 hours later my life came crashing down with the force of an elephant sitting on a pea.

Via text (a mistaken text, I might add) I found out that, not only was my husband cheating on me, but he had also been patronizing prostitutes and had been a pretty frequent purchaser of online pornography.

One of his “women” was enjoying a first-class business trip with him when I found all this out.

As if that wasn’t enough to suck the air out of my lungs like a cosmic vacuum, I also discovered over a hundred thousand dollars in hidden credit card debt. (Thankfully not in my name!)

To say that I was shocked and traumatized is an understatement.

Realizing that I was soon to be homeless, jobless, and very far from family support, I took to my bed and decided that death looked a lot more attractive than what I was facing.

Let’s jump to now…because, as I’ve come to learn, believe in, and live my life modeled after, forgiveness and letting go are two of the greatest tools you can utilize to lead a life of pure joy and peace.

It’s been two years since my eye-opening life-changing event and I am now enjoying the happiest and most peaceful time of my life.

I’ll be 53 this year and I can honestly say that I have never known such joy as I do now.

Life is sweeter, colors are more vibrant, smells are luscious, and love is honest.

Why? Did I win the lottery? Find a new career? Exact revenge? Not even close!

Less than a year after my shovel to the back of the head event I set out to do what I loved most, for me and only me. I decided to travel.

I set out to live life my way, with no explanations.

My first big trip after visiting and healing with family was Italy where I spent almost three months healing.

I ate what I wanted, drank gallons of Chianti, ingested beautiful art, culture, and enjoyed new friends.

I’ve fallen in love with myself and with the world. I’m better because I’m truly me.

I don’t pretend to like what I don’t like. I don’t do what I don’t want to do. I don’t go where I don’t want to go. And I make no apologies for who or what I am.

It’s liberating, this way of life and I can’t be more grateful for it. I continue to learn about myself, what I will and will not accept, placing boundaries for what I want and don’t want in my life and I make no apologies.

I’m constantly asked how I took such a tragedy and turned it into a life filled with love and peace. My answer will always be the same.


Yes, unless you are willing to forgive, it is impossible to move forward with your own life or change the ending of your own novel.

I realized that it is my divine right to do, have, and be ANYTHING.

I’m responsible to make that happen and I discovered that I couldn’t make that happen unless I let go of all the shit that was dragging me down.

Hatred, contempt, jealousy, resentment…all of it is tantamount to an anchor the size of a blue whale hanging around your neck.

The energy it takes to be angry or resentful for something someone did to you is wasted. It doesn’t change what’s been done and no amount of mulling over what’s happened will make it any different.

I would much rather plan my next adventure, spend time with people who genuinely care for me, and create a life of worth; one where I can help others realize their own dreams like on the Tuscan retreat I’m a part of.

Perpetual travel is not for everyone; a lot of people don’t understand my choices but that’s not my concern. I only have to answer to myself and those that do love me understand and champion for my success.

The more I travel the more I heal. My problems are minuscule compared to others and spending time experiencing other cultures, eating other cuisines, enjoying art, music, and meeting new people is what makes me happy.

I’m not the same having seen so much of the world. I feel connected in a way I couldn’t have been had I stayed in one place fighting to fit in, make more money, buy a house, or struggle toward what society says is success.

Success for me is waking up every day with a smile on my face, with gratitude in my soul, and with a joy for life I would never have realized had my heart and life not been heel crushed into broken glass.

I’ve since become a life-coach and am asked all the time how to make life worth living.

Here’s my advice…

Stop giving the responsibility for your happiness to someone else. Take actionable steps forward every single day toward the life you want. Don’t run from your past or pain, run to your future and happiness.

The only way to overcome, to achieve, to succeed is to believe you can. Today is a beautiful day to start over. Rise up in spite of the pain, take a step, fear nothing, move mountains.

Why NOT you?!


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