Not everyone is outgoing especially during their travels. Here’s my take on how to make friends while traveling

I’m not shy and can jump right into a conversation with a complete stranger. 

Shy people, however, find it to be a bit uncomfortable and a struggle. 

How To Make Friends When You Travel

Social Media

A great way to start letting getting go of your shyness is to start with social media.

This is great if you’re too shy for face to face contact. You can meet people from all over the world, whether they are near or far. 

You can join groups that you may share a common interest in with other people. 

You can also follow people until you are comfortable to carry on a conversation as little or as much as you would like. 

Who knows maybe down the road you may be visiting their town and could meet up in person.

Maybe you’ve done the social media thing and you’re looking for more face to face interaction.

Meetup is face to face interaction. This may seem a bit uncomfortable at first but there are ways to make it a bit easier. 

Arrive Early

I recommend getting to the meeting location a bit early. This will get you familiar with the place and when people start lingering in, it may be a bit easier for you to connect with them. 

It’s better than walking into a crowded room and not knowing a single soul there.  

I’d also recommend bringing a friend who shares the same interests so you can help each other with confidence. 

Showing up to a place early (if possible) also works well if you’re invited to a party. 

Instead of showing up later in the middle of the party go early when only a couple of people are there.

Strike Up A Convo

During your travels, try striking up a conversation while flying or while visiting at a local restaurant, coffee shop, or event. 

This is a great way to make friends when you travel.

Almost every place I’ve ever stayed has some kind of bar, restaurant, or general meeting area.

Grab a glass of your favorite drink and a seat and look around for others who look like they may want to chat.

This can be intimidating if you’re shy, but step outside your comfort zone and initiate a conversation.

Get to know others likes and dislikes. You may find your next best friend. 

During a tour, chat up the person next to you. Talk to the tour guide who likely knows the best places to network.


Another way to make friends while you travel is check out travel Facebook groups and announce that you’ll be in a certain area and ask if anyone else will be around.

I met my bestie that way! She was in the next town over, we met for coffee and now we travel, work, and collaborate together.

The possibilities are endless. 

Be Yourself

Be your authentic self no matter how you’re meeting people. I say this because we tend to try to be someone we’re not to impress. 

We think in order to make friends we should be who we think others want us to be and this is simply not true. 

People won’t know the real you and you won’t ultimately have a connection.

Avoid small talk. Instead, have a conversation about something you’re excited about. 

Start a conversation about your favorite travel destination or food.

This is a great way you get to know other people. Every traveler loves to talk about their travel experiences.

Being friendly will attract friendly people! 


Whether you’re flying across the country or walking into a grocery store, smiles are infectious and make people want to be around you. 

Just get yourself out there. 

I’ve made the most wonderful friends and extended family during my travels.

And my best advice on how to make friends while you travel is to get out of your comfort zone and strike up a conversation. 

The more you put yourself out there, the more comfortable it will become for you. Your new best friend could be waiting just around the corner.  


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