You have booked an exciting river trip, with experts such as the American Queen Steamboat Company. You are preparing for the trip, but what should you take with you? It’s important to take account of considerations such as the amount of space on the boat, and the amount of weight that you are actually happy to carry. Enjoy Going On A River Trip – What To Take With You.

Sometimes, people try and cater for all eventualities. If you do this, it can mean that you end up loaded down with lots of things that you do not really need. If it’s only a short trip, pack accordingly, and not as though you are going away for a month. To help you make your decision, here are five items you should take with you on a river trip.

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Layers of clothing


If there is any doubt about what the weather is going to be like on any part of the trip, you need to make sure you have different types of clothing with you. it’s a good idea to wear layer if you can, as this means you do not have to pack as many items. do not forget to ensure you have waterproof items, as well as warm clothing for when the temperature drops in the evening.

Sun protection


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Even if the sun is not shining all the time, during your trip, you can still be at risk from UV rays. Wearing sunscreen is important, so make sure that you take plenty with you. If you do not take precautions, and you spend time sitting on a deck or walking around one of the places you visit, you are putting yourself at risk.

Body wipes

Wipes are one of the most useful things you can take with you on a river trip. If the weather is warm, you can wipe our face and hands, to help you cool down, and get rid of perspiration. Wipes can also be used to clean up spillages, and remove that unsightly food stain from your clothing.

A water container

You will have access to fresh drinking water while you are on your trip. If you take a bottle, or thermos, with you, you can fill it up and take it with you when you go to walk around any of the places you visit. Making sure you remain hydrated is important, if you want to enjoy your trip.

Insect repellent

If you are bitten by any of the local insects, you could end up being itchy and sore. This is not a good combination if you want to enjoy the trip. Taking a good insect repellent with you helps you to stop this from happening.

All of these items are must-haves if you are setting off on a river trip. They can help you remain healthy and comfortable. Both of these factors are very important when it comes to having a good time and enjoying the trip.

Have you been on a riverboat cruise? Did you use any of the suggestions above? Share your experience with us! I hope you’ve enjoyed Going On A River Trip – What To Take With You. Let us know if you have any other packing suggestions!

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