You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t like Sushi. Even if you don’t like Sashimi (raw fish) a good California roll with fresh ingredients can get your mouth watering. We’ve decided that this week we’d give you a our Gastronome Wednesday ~ Sinfully Good Sushi.


Morimoto ~ New York City

The fresh Sushi and presentation of Morimoto Restaurant is nothing short of amazing! Chef Masaharu Morimoto hand selects each piece of seafood fresh, every single day. The trendy restaurant is home to the world’s largest Japanese Noren curtain and the open kitchen makes for great entertainment. The menu is extensive so there’s definitely something for every palette.


Kyubey ~ Tokyo

Japan is the birthplace of Sushi so you can get it at its best almost everywhere. One of the absolute best and favorite of anyone you stop on the street and ask is Kyubey. The restaurant has been around since 1936 and they’ve been attracting everyone from royalty to celebrities. Be prepared though…it is massively expensive!! If you can splurge on Sushi, do it here!

Ikyu sushi

IKYU ~ Singapore

We’ve had our share of Sushi while here in Singapore and one of our favorite places is IKYU. The executive chef, Takuma Seki, is brilliant with is preparation and presentation and the freshness of each dish is orgasmic. The service is pretty good too, which can be spotty throughout Singapore, making the experience worth the cost. (photo by: ‪‬)


Nakagawa ~ Paris

Paris is known for its heavy sauced, delicious cuisine but when you’re looking for something fresh and raw Nakagawa is the place to go. The view of River Eglise Saint-Jean-Baptiste along with each dish adds to the extremely high quality of the experience. Beware of the homemade wasabi is mind blowing hot!


Sakana ~ Rome

I’m an Italian food junkie but even I get tired of pasta, bread, and sauce. If that’s the case while in Italy, Sakana Japanese restaurant is where you’ll find amazing traditional sushi. Each dish is made in an open aired kitchen by expert sushi chefs. The tempura is to die for!

These restaurants are some of our favorites. Have you been to these? What did you think? What are your favorite Sushi restaurants around the world?

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