What better way to see the Tuscan landscape than with a company who uses a literal name to explain their business?

That’s exactly what the owners of Fun In Tuscany have done.

As you know, Tuscany is my favorite place on earth. I’ve been there more times than I can count and will return more times than I’m sure I’ve planned.

I’ve traveled to more than 50 counties and have taken lots of tours in the past 7 years and I’m grateful for every single one.

However, I can honestly say, with certainty that the 2 days I spent with Fun In Tuscany were, hands down, the BEST EXPERIENCES I’VE EVER HAD!

The Start

I was with my colleague and bestie Bibi Leblanc from Culture to Color on this month long trip to Tuscany.

Bibi was along for the ride for my sponsored experiences with Fun In Tuscany.

The first trip we planned with owner and tour guide extraordinaire Issam was to be a horseback riding experience.

We met at a local vineyard where we indulged in some cappuccino and listened to Issam explain how our day would go.

I immediately got the impression that we were in for an amazing experience! Issam was full of passion for his business and had a beautiful energy about him that gave the sense of kindness and FUN!

September is the time of year in Tuscany when the air is cooling. The days are warm and clear while the nights are blissfully cool and crisp.

The day we set out on our horseback riding adventure couldn’t have been more perfect.

We arrived by private van to the horse farm. Our horses were ready and waiting for us and since we were already familiar with horses, our “debriefing” was short and sweet.

We set out on an “off the beaten” path through vineyards that surrounded the horse farm.

The beautiful scent of ripe grapes yet to be picked, the glorious smell of wild rosemary that grows everywhere in Tuscany and the pungent smell of olives swirled around us like a gift from the Gods.

As we followed the leader and owner of the horses, Issam caught up to each of us taking photos and explaining our surroundings.

In the distance we could see the towers of San Gimignano, my favorite medieval town in all of Tuscany and I couldn’t help but wonder how many people over the centuries used similar paths to travel through the region.

What must their lives have been like, who were they, did they have local businesses, family, wives, sons, daughters…

I could “feel” the connection with the past and it filled me with wonder and joy. THIS is the kind of tour everyone should experience while in Tuscany.

As we approached some villas, we began to slow down and at first I thought we were giving the horses a rest.

Issam (a very skilled rider) slid off his horse and headed to a fragrant tree. He pulled some fruit off and plopped it into his mouth. Then, he pulled more off and handed some to the riding party.

I was in heaven. Dancing around my mouth was a ripe, succulent fig. I’d never had one quite that fresh and had never seen a tree in person. I almost squealed with joy!

Shortly after we arrived a man and woman sauntered over from their villa to say hello.

This was a surprise set up by Issam. We were invited into the small wine cellar below their villa where a wine tasting was set up waiting.

The owner of the villa was also the owner of a small vineyard that produced organic wine in the region. No more than 2000 bottles a year are produced and we were presented with the best of it.

Paired with locally made meats and breads, we learned about the history of the family that produced the wine and the process in which they produce it.

This was an unexpected treat and one that we cherished and were very grateful for.

After the presentation we continued on to explore more of the region on horseback then headed back to the farm.

We bid goodbye to the horses and their owners and headed out to enjoy a few hours touring San Gimignano.

San Gimignano

As I mentioned, San Gimignano is my favorite medieval town in all of Tuscany. It’s rich history is fascinating and I learn something new every time I visit.

This time was no different.

Issam took us to a small museum where we got to see a full miniature construction of the whole hilltop town.

After having some fun exploring and taking photos, we ventured down into the famous square.

Issam instructed us to explore a little while he skipped the 100 people that waited in line for the most famous Gelato store in the region to get us some samples.

We were later told that this particular gelato maker has been on several famous travel shows and was visited by the infamous Anthony Bourdain.

I was impressed and giddy that Issam was able to walk in and get us full sized samples in a few minutes!

The line of people was impressive and I was happy that I didn’t need to wait in it to taste the goods.

As promised the gelato was to die for!

We spent the next hour exploring the town and lesser seen vantage points directed by Issam.

From there we made our way back to the van and set off for a winery to round out our day.

The End Of Our First Day

As with any wonderful experience, we reached the end of our first day with Fun In Tuscany and Issam.

We were driven to a beautiful private wine company and indulged in a wine tasting.

While we enjoyed our wine, Issam introduced us to the rest of his team.

Each one of them displayed the same gregarious, undeniable joy for their job and the company.

It was time to end our first day and we were driven to our pickup point. I’ll admit that I was a bit sad to see the day come to a close however, I knew that I still had a whole other tour planned.

Day Two of Fun In Tuscany

As promised, we were picked up at our accommodation by private van. I was filled with anticipation and wonder how Issam planned on topping the perfect previous visit and tours.

True to form…he did!

When we pulled up we saw him standing by Italy’s version of a Tuk Tuk! We were going to visit the Tuscany countryside via it.

I felt like a kid in a candy store…I LOVE adventure and trying new things and simply couldn’t wait to be driven around in the awesome vehicle.

Before we left, Issam presented us with glasses of wine to enjoy during our drive.

We headed out with others who were enjoying a tour on Vespas. But, in the Tuk Tuk, Issam had music and invited us to sing along with him as he drove.

JUST WOW! Talk about FUN!

As we wound our way under bridges, through vineyards, and around winding roads towards a small village, I was totally grateful to the Universe for allowing me to connect with THIS tour company.

We arrived at a small village and parked. Walking up to the main square, Issam explained where we were, what the significance of the town was, what made it famous and what made it fun!

We enjoyed lunch at a small family restaurant complete with local organic wine and espresso.

We spent a few hours learning about the local art and history, taking pictures, singing, dancing, and playing like kids.

THIS is what makes a tour stand out. There was nothing ordinary about either tour.

Everything was thought out and presented with our enjoyment in mind. Each minute was carefully designed for us to have the utmost fun and I couldn’t have had a better time.

The owner definitely got the name right. There is no denying the fact that with this company anyone who signs up for a tour will have Fun In Tuscany!

I can’t recommend Issam and his team enough. I am happy to say that this is THE BEST TOUR COMPANY IN TUSCANY!

For information about booking and their other numerous tours here are the contact details:

Website: https://funintuscany.com/

Email: info@funintuscany

Italian Phone: +39 (392) 6339101



A special shout out to Issam for making our time incredible. We will never forget you and can’t wait to visit you again! ♥️




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