I enjoy celebrating Independence Day by attending either a family cookout or depending on where I am, enjoying the local festivities filled with fireworks and food. Check out – Fourth of July Festivities Coast to Coast

Festivities seem to show a different side of a community by coming together to celebrate not only our independence but to spend some time with family and friends, old and new.

But whether it be your own community or another, Independence Day festivities are sought out by many throughout the United States from coast to coast.



New England

Throughout New England, you’ll find numerous festivals for Independence Day.  Some celebrations start a few days in advance. From Maine to Rhode Island, red, white, and blue can be seen throughout the historical towns.  

From family-friendly reenactments to parades. Boston’s (Beantown) celebration includes a free concert headlined by the lovely Boston Pops Orchestra before the spectacular fireworks.

Bristol, Rhode Island holds a record for the longest celebration of Independence Day which has been held every year since 1785.  

Their parades are filled with “apple-pie patriotism” with a good old fashion marching band and floats.  

You will find families lined up waving their American flags while children enjoying their ice cream.

Some other places to check out in the New England area would be Sturbridge, MA, Bar Harbor, ME Stowe, VT to name a few.

Who doesn’t enjoy a little southern hospitality?


I’ve recently had the pleasure of going to Savannah, Georgia and enjoying a sponsorship at The Marshall House.  

I definitely fell in love with Savannah’s charm. Savannah Georgia actually holds a celebration on their waterfront called ‘Fantastic Fourth Celebration’ for their 4th of July celebration.  

Their celebrations start July 1st with art, wine, music, and culture.  

Something else I found delightful and patriotic was the fact that parents with their children (under the age 12), can head down to Leopold’s Ice Cream shop and if the children can recite the Pledge of Allegiance by heart, they will get a free ice cream cone.

New Orleans

Another place to go and enjoy the southern charm is New Orleans.   

New Orleans Independence Day celebrations welcome a big music festival to enjoy.  

Their fireworks display holds an eyeful of dueling barges fireworks on the riverfront.


The West and East coast also hold heartfelt patriotic celebrations as well.  

Flagstaff, Arizona, for instance, has a parade in downtown, a fun run, and even have a concert for people to enjoy by the Flagstaff Symphony Orchestra.


Another town that resides on the west coast that continues to hold onto old fashion traditions with sack races and hula-hoop contests is Bend, Oregon.  

This particular town in Oregon has been ranked number 1 for their town pride.  

One thing that can be said about this particular town is that it can be viewed as if it were a living Norman Rockwell painting with their old fashion traditions.

Parades, pie eating contests, animal parades are some of the things that they offer during their Independence celebrations.

Celebration of Patriotism can be seen throughout the United States.  

From reenactments to parades to pie eating contests to name few.  But one thing I’ve found is that Independence Day definitely appears to bring numerous communities together with all their own traditions that fill your senses.  

They all ultimately end their traditions with a beautiful and eyeful display of fireworks that you can never go wrong with.  

I recommend this year try going to another community and see what they have to offer for traditions.  

You may just be surprised by their traditions and how they may differ from yours.

Do you live in any of these towns? Have you visited their 4th of July Celebrations? Tell us about your experiences!

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