If you follow my travels you’re aware that I’m on a two-month trip in Tuscany as part of my journey to heal my heart and discover a new perspective on life. This week my travels had me in Florence – The Healing Continues Through Art and Friendship.

Florence – The Healing Continues Through Art and Friendship

As I suspected, Italy is the place to heal…at least for me. I’m not of Italian descent, actually my ancestry proves Spanish and Spain is my next stop. But when I found myself at the start of this self-discovery crossroads, I went with my intuition (something I’m finding serves me well) and decided on Tuscany.

My plans during my two-month stay will have me in various parts of Italy…I’m kind of going with the flow and picking places that speak to me.

One of those places was a bit obvious. Florence was the birthplace of many of the world’s great artists, two of my favorites being Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo. So a trip to Florence was a must.

I was also there to meet up with a group of women that I met online who share my travel wanderlust and who “think like I do” when it comes to the law of attraction and using the power of intention to overcome any obstacle.

My weekend far exceeded my expectations.

The day I arrived was rainy and gloomy but I honestly didn’t care, I was in Florence! So I started off with a pastry and cappuccino…of course.

I made a promise that I wasn’t going to get down on myself about weight and what I was eating…and I’m happy to say that I’ve kept that promise.

I eat the pastries in the morning, I have the gelato when the mood strikes me, and I devour the delicious breads of Italy dripping with extra virgin, organic olive oil. I can ALWAYS go on a diet…what are a few extra pounds?

Talking about enjoying good food always makes me wander off topic so…back to my first day…as I said it was raining but I was determined not to let it stop me from what I wanted to see.

I met up with the travel ladies and we headed out to our first tour. We hired a private guide who took us on a ‘skip the line’ tour of Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, the home of David.

We entered the museum and took a round the world, over the river, under the bridge type of path before entering the room where the bigger then life statue lives.

The anticipation was killing me and, while our guide was explaining to us the history behind some of the world’s perfectly constructed violins, I almost screamed, “Okay with this instrument shit, just get me to the statue!” I didn’t, of course, but it was hard to keep my composure.

Finally, we turned a corner and there he was…in all his marble glory, standing there, perfectly carved from a single block of marble.

Florence – The Healing Continues Through Art and Friendship

The 17-foot statue that was carved by the great Michelangelo 500 + years ago is simply breathtaking.

Now the great works of art around the world are seen through pictures and on the Internet at will. But to see them in person is a feeling that is indescribable.

I stood there in awe and found myself crying..seriously! What the hell? I surprised myself, but the magnificence of what I was looking at was palpable. The energy from the history and talent that came from a man known as “the divine one” was as real as if he was standing there sculpting it in front of me.

It was hard to leave but I had other places to go and art to see so I peeled myself away.

We perused the other busts, paintings, and instruments that are housed at the museum but none of them come close to David. His perfect form out shines them all.

Florence – The Healing Continues Through Art and Friendship

Our next stop was the Duomo, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. What a freaking beautiful structure it is! The shear size of it is mind-boggling and the intricate paintings and architecture lines had my eyes darting all over the place.

If you go be prepared to get a stiff neck, you’ll be looking up at the beautiful ceilings for most of your visit!

The church bells started to ring and I could not only hear their beautiful sound but I felt their strength to my toes.

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As if that’s not enough, musicians of all kinds surround the Cathedral and play the most amazing music. I’m not quite sure if its something the church sets up or if the musicians are independent and do it on their own but it has a beautiful effect.

Florence – The Healing Continues Through Art and Friendship

My day ended with a few hours eating orgasmic Italian favorites, drinking Chianti and Prosecco wine till it was coming out of our ears, and comparing notes with the ladies; learning about each other’s lives.

It was a wonderful way to end such a magical day and it only added to the peace that I was feeling.

I fell asleep extremely grateful for my decision to choose this path to complete healing from the turn my life had taken recently.

Being able to experience a place so filled with history, art, great food, and deep-rooted tradition has a way of helping you to see what is truly important.

I’m also finding my way through my pain. Each day, each new person I draw into my life, each new place I visit is bringing me one step closer to me; the person I really am, the person I let go of in the hopes of finding happiness.

Lessons from this past week – I’m responsible for my own happiness. I’m the creator of my own life. I will only find happiness when I look through the eyes of love, compassion, and forgiveness.

It’s been an eye opening few weeks here in Italy and I find that I’m healing faster then I expected. It’s a wonderful life and I’ve learned to be gentle with myself and love myself and all my imperfections. For it’s the cracks that let the light in!


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