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Explore vibrant cities…Get the most out of exploring exciting destinations with sponsored travel. Establish new and better relationships with travel partners now by taking this proven course.

Sponsored travel is an exchange of services. It’s where travel businesses carry the cost of your travel in exchange for you giving them exposure in your blogs, and on social media. For the companies, your effort is seriously powerful marketing. That’s why they want you to do it.

Whether you’re just starting out on your career as a genuine travel blogger or you’ve been blogging for a while, this course will help with exact, proven, formulaic instructions.

Here, you will see precisely how to build respected and successful relationships with travel partners.

It’s a guaranteed way to ensure you’re seen as a serious travel blogger.

You will receive a comprehensive travel blogging knowledge bank. You get all this for a one-off payment of just $269

Sign up now for the easy-to-follow ten-module online video course covering:

  • Building Your Platform
  • Starting Your Blog
  • Growing Your Social Media Presence
  • Networking and Industry Events
  • Finding & Getting a Press Trip or Sponsored Trip
  • Writing Winning Pitch Letters
  • Agreements and Contracts
  • The Importance of Professionalism
  • Writing the Perfect Review
  • The Follow-up

The SeriouslyTravel Sponsored Travel Course demonstrates step-by-step exactly how you can keep on turning your travel posts and blogging into expenses-paid trips, time and time again.


Included in the price, worth over $977…


√ Interview with Megan Gerrard from “Mapping Megan”

√ Interview with Nicole Connolly from “Suitcase Stories”

√ Interview with Tracy Khee, Public Relations Expert

√ “Building Facebook Followers” training

√ Presenter Marie Hernandez’s CommentLuv Rolodex for rapidly building your website stats

√ “10 Steps to Build Good SEO” training

√ Travel and Tourism Directory by state

√ International Tourism Office Directory

√ Access to the VIP Facebook Group for day-to-day support whenever you need it

PLUS – we’ve done the hard work for you!

√ Tourism Board pitch letter template

√ Hotel/Resort pitch letter template

√ Airline pitch letter template

√ Restaurant pitch letter template


I highly recommend Mastering The Sponsored Media Trip, Sponsored Travel course to anyone who wants to learn how to be recognized as a serious travel blogger and travel via sponsorship!


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Why taking this course is worth so much more
than just saving money on travel

Consider this: when you book your first and
subsequent sponsored travel trips, the management
of the travel company will, of course, know about it.
They’ll know about you, what you’re doing there, and
whoever you’re taking along. What’s more, they’ll
make sure the staff know who you are too. See, if the
management and staff know who you are and what
you’re doing, they’re going to treat you like nothing
short of royalty. Get it?

It has been known for hotels to assign specific
staff—’handlers’—to give you that extra bit of love
and attention. The trick is to just be your normal polite
and courteous self as if you’re not doing anything
special (and we cover that in the course in Module 8 –
but you heard it here first).

Unparalleled activitiesSign up for the SeriouslyTravel Sponsored Travel course, and you could be building respect and making the contacts that count to help you enjoy activities around the world.

I’ve already secured several sponsored and fully hosted dinners for my upcoming trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I can’t recommend this course enough. It took my travel blogging career to the next level.


Sign up now.
The course is guaranteed.
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Why we can GUARANTEE this course IS for you.

FACT: Travel companies are happy to give people like you free accommodation, upgrades, tours, and more, in exchange for your posts, tweets and blogs.
WHY: They know full well that it’s much cheaper and far more effective to give trips away than it is to spend money on expensive advertising. Plus, you posting positively about travel experiences is the next best thing to word of mouth.
FACT: One thing travel companies aren’t short of is space. They can afford to give it away because it’s there already whether or not it’s not booked.
WHY: Think about it: having housekeeping clean a room is a small price to pay for getting tons of personal positive publicity. The room (or suite or villa with a pool, come to that) is sitting there unsold so they might as well make use of it.
FACT: You don’t need a huge following on social to make what we’ll show you work.
WHY: The companies are interested in quality not quantity. It’s an immutable law of marketing that finding similar people to you is costly and very difficult. By posting and blogging—just to your friends—you’ve already done the hard work for them, see? The people you’re writing to are typically your friends because they at least have some interests in common with you. To the travel companies, that’s pure gold bullion.

You, YES YOU! You are already good at traveling and posting. You’ve got the likes, loves, laughs and comments to prove it.

We really can’t stress this enough: you’re already doing it. You already post, tweet and blog about your adventures. You’re funny and interesting and your friends love you for it. They tell you so! If they didn’t enjoy what you post, they wouldn’t say so. Nobody ever writes back: “Oh, man! That was soooooo boring.” Not to you they don’t.

This course shows you how to put the pieces together to turn your musings, descriptions and opinions into more travel. Do the course so you can do more of the same, at little or no cost to you. You keep your friends and fans happy. The travel company gets low-cost publicity. And you get to do what you love most: traveling and telling.

What this course delivers in ten easy, enjoyable and engaging VIDEO modules.
Sign up today; take it at your own pace.


Take it at your own pace? Hah! Once you start, you won’t want to stop! Each feature-packed video module is expertly presented by respected and renowned travel writer Marie Hernandez. She’s been through the free-travel mill, and now she can share her discoveries with you.

In six years, your presenter, Marie, has visited no fewer than 49 countries herself, thanks to sponsored travel.

Luxury mealsYour first course should be THIS one: The SeriouslyTravel Sponsored Travel Course. Score expenses-paid dining, get to meet the chef, have a tour of the kitchen. Get treated as the serious blogger you are.



Module 1: Building Your Platform
To attract sponsors, you need a solid foundation for your blogging business. In this module, you’ll discover the secrets you need to set yourself up for success.
● Strategies for choosing the perfect domain name
● Tools and tricks for building the perfect website – even if you’ve never created a site before
● Examples of super-effective sites you can use for inspiration

Module 2: Starting Your Blog
Setting up and perfecting your blog. Really, if you’ve got only the most rudimentary understanding of Microsoft Word, you can set up a blog with no problem.
● The essentials of how to start a blog
● Examples of travel blogs that already attract TONS of visitors (and sponsors)

Module 3: Growing Your Social Media Presence
Social media is a critical element of your blogging business – you’ll need to use social media to generate interest in your content and get readers and viewers to share your insights with their friends. In this module, you’ll get the knowledge you need.
● Which platforms you should focus on as a travel blogger
● How to set up your account and page on each platform
● Examples of successful, high-traffic travel blog social media pages

Module 4: Networking and Industry Events
The more people you know in the travel industry, the easier it is to find sponsored media trips. We’ll cover this topic in depth, including
● Why networking is important to your career as a travel blogger
● Who you should be networking with
● Where to find networking contacts
● Which networking events are important and why
● My list of must-attend networking and industry events

Module 5: Finding & Getting a Press Trip or Sponsored Trip
In this module, you’ll equip yourself with:
● Where to start looking for sponsored trips
● What kinds of statistics sponsors are looking for
● Building solid relationships with travel providers and networking contacts
● How to find the right person to send your pitch to

Module 6: Writing Winning Pitch Letters
Apart from a professional, engaging online presence, the ability to write great pitch letters is your strongest asset as a travel blogger. In this module, you’ll find out
● Time-saving strategies for researching your destination before you begin drafting your pitch
● What to ask for in your pitch letter
● What you will offer the sponsor in return

Module 7: Agreements and Contracts
We go through the formal and legal technicalities you need to know about in plain English. As an emerging travel blogger, this is essential for your success. Here, you’ll learn how to
● Create and navigate agreements and contracts
● What your agreements and contracts should include
● How to resolve conflicts

Module 8: The Importance of Professionalism
When you’re negotiating for the honeymoon suite at a swanky resort or a table near the kitchen at the best restaurant in town, it can be easy to forget that you’re running a business. Maintaining a professional image though will go a long way to helping you succeed as a travel blogger. In this module, we’ll cover
● Why it’s critical that you maintain professional at all times
● Delivering on your promises
● How to stand out from other bloggers in the travel niche

Module 9: Writing the Perfect Review
So you’ve enjoyed your trip and now it’s time to sit down and write. In this module, you’ll get in-depth training to help your articles, blog posts, and social media content sing… so that you gain even more credibility and success as a travel blogger! We’ll cover
● Reading other reviews for inspiration
● The importance of details
● Creating a story that engages your readers
● Adding your unique personality and voice
● Over-delivering

Module 10: The Follow-up
After you’ve written your review, there’s still more to do to clear your way to the top of the travel blogging world. In this module, you’ll find out about
● What happens after you publish your review
● Following up with your sponsor
● Promoting your review on social media
● Repurposing your content for pitching to online and print magazines

In ten enjoyable steps, you’ll have everything you need to start bagging free or low cost travel.

This is NOT ‘going back to school’. The course is enjoyable. But, more than that, it’s instructional. By that, we mean you don’t
actually have to learn anything: everything you need is here. All you need to do is do it.

Unlimited Tours…Tour companies around the world love travel bloggers! The exposure your social media posts bring them is priceless so they treat you like royalty when you’re on one of their sponsored toursSign up for the Seriously Travel Sponsored Travel course now.

I’m a single Mum and we love to travel. The more adventurous the better for us! We’ve been blogging about our experiences as a traveling family for years and were looking at how we could take our blog and adventures to the next level. I came across Marie’s course and knew it was the right thing for us. She’s so patient and answers our million questions with kindness and honesty. The private Facebook student group is awesome for daily help and the course is set up in a way that everyone can understand and implement each lesson right away. The kiddos and I are doing the course together and we’ve already found a way to monetize our sponsorships! I’d recommend it to any travel blogger who wants to be seen as a professional.


“OK. I’m interested. How much?”

We’ve saved the best part ’til last!

The answer to that is: probably not as much as your last trip, and almost certainly less than your next – because you won’t be paying.

The price of the course is just $269 (US) or £210 (UK).

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Consider this: Do this course you could get your
money back many, many times over with the value of just one sponsored trip.

But we haven’t finished yet, you’ll also receive in the package all this


√ Interview with Megan Gerrard from “Mapping Megan”
√ Interview with Nicole Connolly from “Suitcase Stories”
√ Interview with Tracy Khee, Public Relations Expert
√ “Building Facebook Followers” training
√ Presenter Marie’s CommentLuv Rolodex for rapidly building your website stats
√ “10 Steps to Build Good SEO” training
√ Travel and Tourism Directory by state
√ International Tourism Office Directory
√ Access to my VIP Facebook Group for day-to-day support whenever you need it

PLUS – we’ve done the hard work for you!
√ Tourism Board pitch letter template
√ Hotel/Resort pitch letter template
√ Airline pitch letter template
√ Restaurant pitch letter template

These letters DEFINITELY and INCONTROVERTIBLY work. They’re tried and tested. Just these templates are worth the entire cost of the course on their own. They get you FREE travel!