Faber Bistro Sinage

One of the famous attractions here in Singapore is Mt. Faber. A lush, hill top tourist spot. Mt. Faber is accessible by public transportation, braving the very steep but scenic walk up 292 stairs, or riding over via the cable car attraction. If you haven’t tried the cable car, it’s definitely something to do. You can purchase tickets at the Jewel Box at Mount Faber OR HarbourFront Tower 2. We chose the cable car.

We had our sights set on a little eatery a short walk from the Jewel Box called Faber Bistro. I’m always looking for small places to enjoy a meal away from the crowds that we often encounter, especially on the weekends.

Faber Bistro is situated at the top of the hill over looking rich greenery and the tops of the HDBs (Singapore’s version of public housing). The view isn’t so bad but it’s the breeze that is worth the trip up. The restaurant offers tables in the open and also under a wooden canopy if you want to avoid the elements. We weren’t there during the evening but I can safely say that it would be quite pleasant to sit under the stars and enjoy a drink.

We weren’t there for a meal but decided to try a typical snack and drinks. I had high hopes that our visit would be a rewarding one and the scenery and ambiance of the place was proving to be quite nice. Unfortunately, not everything went well.

I thought it would be safe to order simple Nachos. After they arrived, I quickly realized that the visit just offered up its first disappointment. We were given a basket of nacho chips dry. Thinking that they simply forgot to add the cheese, I called the waiter over and asked if we could have cheese for the Nachos. He apologized and said that they didn’t have Cheddar cheese and that’s how the order is typically served.

Faber Bistro MenuSo, we paid $12.00 for stale, over salty, bagged nacho chips with obviously jarred, bland Guacamole and watery sour cream. Not wanting to test the waters, we decided that we wouldn’t ordering anything else and just enjoy the drinks and atmosphere.

I would definitely recommend this place for people who want to enjoy a scenic, breezy place to have a few drinks with a partner or a group of friends. And, you just might get lucky with another item on the menu, just don’t waste your time with the Nachos.

The service was typical for Singapore; we had to ask for napkins, flag someone down to take our order and bring us the check but at this point, we expect that so we’ve learned to live with it. Food and drink prices were average and typical for what was offered.

All in all the experience was pleasant despite the Nacho debacle.

Upper terrace of Mount Faber;
minutes away from The Jewel Box
Are recommended especially in the evening
(+65) 6377 9688
Dress Code
International Cuisine
Type of Meals Served
A la Carte
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