The warmth of Florida always draws me back. This time I decided to spend some time in DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure.

After a cold and wet winter in the North East, I decided that it was time for me to spend some time in the warmth.

DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure

My colleague and good friend, Bibi LeBlanc from Culture To Color opened her home to me and, since we had tons of planning for our upcoming trip to Tuscany to do, I jumped at the invitation.

I’d never been to DeLand so I was excited to explore.

As I usually do, I start out by researching the best places to eat. Since Bibi has lived in DeLand most of her life, I started by asking her.

She recommended some great spots and I reached out to them for sponsorships.

I’m always on the lookout for amazing restaurants where the chefs are passionate about their food and in Deland I was not disappointed.

Here are a few of the not to be missed food treasures I experienced.


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


The Table

I love the concept of this restaurant. Taken from years past where people took the time to enjoy their families and friends around a table, the owners promote #everyonehasaseatatthetable.

Incorporating a long picnic type table for larger groups and an open, inviting dining area, The Table, in the heart of downtown Deland, invites their customers to visit and enjoy conversation.

There are no televisions over the bar or invites to connect to free WiFi. Guests are encouraged to talk to each other.

The staff is friendly and clearly enjoys working in an atmosphere of “friendship”.

There is definitely something for everyone…including Vegans and Vegetarians.

The Table offers an extensive menu with some interesting and delicious twists on traditional southern food.

My server, Taylor suggested I try a few signature dishes and I was happy to oblige.


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


I started with the Charcuterie Board. There were so many choices but I went with the Barber 1833 Cheddar Parmigiano Reggiano, D’Affinois Brie, Truffled Ham and Chicken Liver Pate.

The board was served with fresh, locally sourced honey still on the comb, stone ground mustard, and fresh bread.


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


I was then served The Table’s version of fried chicken. Now, I’ve had fried chicken all over the world.

From Malaysia to Savannah and everywhere in between, but this version was by far my favorite.

First, the chef takes chicken thighs and debones them. Then butterflies them and puts them in, what I can only assume was created in heaven, a batter and fries them crispy…just the way I love it!

If that’s not enough, he then prepares a 3 pepper jelly that is to die for!

Paired with a wonderfully prepared southern comfort classic mac & cheese, the meal was simply put…scrumptious!

I can’t recommend The Table enough if you are planning a trip to DeLand.

Heck, if you are just driving within 10 miles of its borders I’d say veer off and take the time to stop by and enjoy a meal.

Here are their contact deets:

(386) 873-7929
100 E. New York Avenue
DeLand, FL 32724

DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure

De La Vega

This restaurant took me by complete surprise. Located on Woodland Blvd, in the center of Deland, De La Vega is truly a treasure.

Owned and operated by brother and sister, Mano and Nora De La Vega, this Mexican restaurant is THE place to get authentic, fresh, and healthy Latin food.

They boast an extensive variety of Vegan, Vegetarian, and gluten-free alterations to almost all of their menu so no one goes away unsatisfied.

Owner and chef, Nora and a very friendly and happy staff greeted me.

The unassuming décor takes away nothing from the gregarious and family atmosphere.

I knew I was in for a treat the second Nora started telling me about how her family and their traditions inspired her and her brother to open up the authentic restaurant in DeLand.

The menu offers so many amazing dishes that I asked for help. I’m a firm believer that the best way to enjoy a restaurant’s menu is through the eyes of the chef who creates it.

So with that in mind, I asked Nora to take the reins and serve me whatever she wanted.


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


First up was Hibiscus Tacos…yes, you read that right…Hibiscus! I’ve never tried anything like this before but I now understand why these delicious tacos are a favorite among patrons of De La Vegas.

I wish I could accurately describe the delicate but robust flavor of this dish but I’d do it an injustice so you’ll have to visit the restaurant and try them for yourself.


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


I had to try their home and hand made Guacamole. Served with baked tortilla chips, it was mind-blowing! The perfect blend of fresh avocado, onions, tomato, and cilantro, it’s the best I’ve had for sure!


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


Tapas were served one after another and I enjoyed each one thoroughly.

Empanadas, Chicken Mole Rice Balls, Avocados Rellenos, and Plantain Tacitas finished the meal.

Each tapa was freshly prepared with ingredients locally sourced or flown in from Mexico making my experience and this restaurant a treasure not to be missed for sure!


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


I had saved enough room for dessert and I’m happy I did. I had a little of everything they serve and each one was more delicious than the one before!

If you’re in DeLand and you don’t visit this restaurant you’ll be missing out on the chance to experience a meal like no other.

Here are their contact deets:

(386) 734-4444

128 N Woodland Blvd
DeLand, Florida 32720


Terramia Risorante


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


Follow me enough and you know that I love all things Italian! Especially the food and wine.

So, anytime I get the chance to be sponsored in an Italian restaurant, regardless of the destination, I jump at the opportunity.

This time I found myself at Terramia Risorante located about 35 minutes from DeLand in Alimonte Springs, Florida.

This high-end Italian restaurant and bar is owned and operated by Rosario Spagnolo.

After growing up in Naples, Italy, Rosario found himself in Florida and opened his first restaurant in 1988.

Inspired by his mother, he decided that only the best recipes from his childhood would be served to his customers.

His passion for travel and food is evident in the fresh and delicious Italian meals loving prepared by family in the kitchen at Terramia.

I was unable to meet Rosairo personally as he was on a plane flying back from Naples. However, his staff (some of them family) were wonderful representatives of his hospitality.

As I usually do, I asked that the chef create whatever he wanted to for me. As expected, I was in for a treat!

What followed were plates of pasta love!


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


Terramia has an extensive wine list with some of Tuscany’s greats. With each dish came a pairing that was perfect!


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


After indulging in delicious pastas, tender eggplant parm, and Pollo Rosario, I was ready for, what I was told, would be a dessert treat.

DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


My server, Cameron, who happens to be one of the world’s best, placed down in front of me two desserts that looked amazing.

Let me say this here and now…the Tiramisu that is served at Terramia Risorante is, by far, the best I have ever had!


DeLand, Florida – A ‘Not To Be Missed’ Foodie Treasure


I have had Tiramisu IN ITALY and the recipe that Rosario has brought here to America and is making at his restaurant beats anything I’ve had in Italy by a mile!

When asked about the recipe, I was met with a look that said, “No way will he ever give you that!!”

I can completely understand why!

The restaurant is located near Orlando so if you’re with the family at Disney or any of the other attractions, a trip to indulge in authentic Italian at Terramia is a must!

Here are all the deets:

1150 Douglas Ave #1040

Altamonte Springs, FL 32714


So there you have it! My visit to Deland, Florida was certainly a foodie treasure I’m happy I didn’t miss.

Definitely check out these restaurants when you’re in the area and give me a shout out on social media when you do!

I would love to know about your experience.



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