The Create your Shift – Digital Entrepreneur Immersion Mastermind was created to support a specially selected group of digital entrepreneurs who are ready to take their services and products to the next level.

Our goal: 

To help you add $10k – $30k in new recurring revenue using Leveraged OFFERS and marketing that is simple to understand and use. We will concentrate on marketing that feels good, not sleazy, and work to help you keep most of your PROFIT while working less. 

Can you imagine enjoying steady, predictable $10k-30k months (or adding $10k-$30k months to what you’re already doing), working only with clients you LOVE…

Forget the big launches or long, drawn-out funnels. Get rid of the endless ads, webinars, and low ticket programs.

The dreaded “discovery” calls… say goodbye!

We’ll recreate your digital business model to deliver 2x-3x more PROFIT while cutting your work hours down so you can enjoy more freedom.

You’ll align with the strategy and energy to take massive action and create the huge income leaps, without all the marketing overwhelm you hate. 

You’ll do this within a community of incredibly smart, ambitious, and successful digital service and product providers like yourself, who are building their digital businesses on their own terms. 

Podera Patrignone – Heaven in Tuscany
Podera Patrignone – Heaven in Tuscany

Over the next 6 months…

We’ll create, fine-tune, or revamp the irresistible OFFERS that easily call in your most satisfying, ideal clients, and move you out of the hustle and grind forever. 

Together we’ll create:

  • Your Leveraged Revenue Offer that will predictably add $10k-$30k income to your business each month, using simple marketing
  • Your Intro Offer that enrolls your Leveraged Offer FOR you while positioning you as an expert leader. (Without having to “hard sell” – and without feeling you have to consistently market, the way “everybody else does.”)
  • Your Optimized Lead Magnet that attracts your Ideal Clients with a lot less effort… the ones that are a true pleasure to work with, who get so much value from you that they happily renew in your other offers without question.

We’ll turn on your income streams by getting really good at paving the way to a simplified, No Brainer Enrollment Process that empowers you to sign up clients via DM or email. 

Marie Hernandez, founder of Seriously Travel.


You get immediate access to a private Facebook group so you can set things in motion right away. 

We’ll kick off with a PRIVATE 1:1 Zoom session with me, to create a customized plan for you to add $10k-$30k in sales in your first 90 days, plus identify what will move your programs forward the most.

We meet as a group over Zoom 1 time per month, where I help you move through any challenges, keep you accountable, and push you forward. (Call times are WEDNESDAYS at 3pm ET and usually run for 1-2 hours.) All calls are recorded, so you can watch the replay anytime.

Our Facebook Group is active, and a place to get support and feedback from myself and the other members. I’ll be there to coach you and the others with PERSONALIZED coaching, customized for YOU and your unique situation.

Most Asked Questions…

Ambitious digital entrepreneurs, retreat leaders, product providers, coaches, bloggers, service providers, healers, wellness professionals, and mentors who already have a digital business and want to scale to $200k and beyond by SIMPLIFYING and streamlining their digital business. 

Digital service and product providers who create massive results for their clients and who are ready to uplevel their digital businesses.

Each member already has a digital business but are ready to expand and offer more impactful offers.

Nothing about this Mastermind is cookie cutter.

We will focus on optimizing the NUCLEUS of your business – your “people,” your offers, and your messaging.

We grow your business based on your passion and how YOU want to work.

This mastermind is about streamlining processes, moving the finish line closer instead of farther, reducing overwhelm, attracting your dream clients, scaling your business while working less.

Together we’ll focus on how to create a minimum of $10-$30k cash in 60 days.

The Create Your Shift -Digital Business Immersion Mastermind is $2400.00 for the 6-month group program. (In most cases, a single campaign for ONE offer is enough to make your entire investment back.)


If you want to make payments from the profits you create during the mastermind, you can start with a deposit of $400.00 and make 6 monthly payments of $366.00.

Extra Goodies

  • Regular Implementation Weeks
  • Collaboration Opportunities with Other Smart, Ambitious Leaders 
  • Access to my “Swipe Files” (what I used to bring in the money)
  • Unlimited Voxer Access
  • 2 – 1:1 30 minute private coaching sessions with Marie
  • BONUS: $500.00 off my retreats. (This year will be in Tuscany!)

What our past and current members are saying…

“As a travel lover, I knew it was time to take my photography business online.

What I wasn’t sure of was how to bring in the “right” clients and leverage my business to bring in the kind of money I wanted so I could work and travel from anywhere.

Enter, Marie! Her unique approach to attracting my ideal clients, building an eager audience, and creating offers was exactly what I needed. She met me where I was and helped me catapult my business.

Within just a few weeks of working with her, I was able to make back my investment and then some. Now I work less and make more!”

Larissa Riley (South Africa)

“My digital business was stalled. I was frustrated and overwhelmed. I attended one of Marie’s free Masterclasses and, within a few minutes, I knew I wanted to work with her.

Her approach to restructuring, upleveling, and creating offers that made me stand out from the crowd proved to be exactly what I needed to get to the next level in my business.

Her “cash injection” system found money I had “sitting on the table” and I made back my investment with her in the first month!”

Bibi LeBlanc (Florida)

“Marie has a way of saying exactly what you need to hear. Her coaching style and mastermind was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time. I’ve upleveled my digital business more than I ever thought I could. To say Marie has helped me is an understatement: she has completely transformed my life.”

Shonda Wollaston (Philadelphia)

“Marie has provided me with the guided coaching I needed to move forward with my digital business. Marie’s mastermind was very effective in helping me refocus my energies and complete some major goals in my digital business and life. I made back my investment in 6 weeks of working with Marie!”

Eireen Calo (Singapore)

What’s Next?

I know first hand how important it is to make the RIGHT decision about the future of your digital business. 

I understand the vast choices you have when it comes to picking a digital business coach and that’s why I want to make absolutely sure we are a “right fit”. So, I’d like us to get to know each other before we take the leap.

I believe in complete transparency for you and from you. Starting out with that from the beginning will help us easily create the $10k-$30k+ minimum during our 6-months together.