For centuries, travelers have been visiting popular towns in Europe and have been charmed by them. Here is my list of the best European cities to visit in 2018.

The food, the culture, and the scenery are all reasons that people keep coming back for more, even if the prices can be alarming and the crowds can sometimes be overwhelming.

This is particularly true in large cities like Paris and London, where basic daily costs typically run about $91 and $83 USD.

Finding a more authentic version of Europe is always easier in small towns, which is how I love to travel and is usually easier on the wallet.

With that said, there are some large European towns that are still deserving of your attention in 2018.

Best European Cities To Visit In 2018

Sevilla, Spain


If you’re a budget-minded traveler you’ll really enjoy this warm-weather spot on the far reaches of the Iberian Peninsula. A basic daily budget in Seville will run you around $46 per person.

There are plenty of museums, open spaces, and architectural gems through this destination so getting bored are unlikely; unless you choose not to do anything.

The city has a lively tapas scene much like the ones found in Barcelona and Madrid, but without the high price tag found in those spots.

Hamburg, Germany


Building on its reputation as a trade center since the Middle Ages, this town hasn’t slowed down since then. It’s even become something of a media hub for the country.

Although World War II did considerable damage to Hamburg, many elegant buildings from before that time remain intact even if they do have to compete with more modern structures.

There are the usual parks, museums, and historical sites to see as well.

The local cuisine is heavy on the meat and potatoes but otherwise delicious. Daily prices here average about $52 per person.

Antwerp, Belgium


Although the town is known for its diamond market and its fashion industry, basic daily prices typically are fairly modest for Europe at about $51 per person.

The town’s architecture, which encompasses a wide variety of historical periods, as well as the fries and waffles for which the country is famous are among the highlights here.

It’s also a short train ride away from other popular cities in Flanders and the Netherlands.

Even Paris is only two hours away if you plan on taking the fast train there making it one of the best European cities to visit in 2018.

Matera, Italy


This hillside Italian town is another relative bargain destination with basic daily prices running about $44 per person.

It’s located near Bari in the southern part of the peninsula.

While the cuisine and history are the main reason that travelers make their way to Italy, this spot also boasts cave dwellings called Sassi that were once used as residences and are now a World Heritage Site.

The caves on the northern portion of the city have since been developed to fit modern needs but those on the southern side remain more or less in their original state.

Oslo, Norway


With basic daily prices averaging about $75 per person, the Norwegian capital is not really a budget destination but there’s still a lot going for this town.

Despite its northerly latitude, this town is not as chilly as its contemporaries thanks to warm air coming off the Gulf Stream that generally keeps it around freezing in the winter.

There are naturally plenty of things to do in such a large town but the country’s monarchs will be celebrating their 50th anniversary in 2018, making it an even more eventful time to go.

Olso has several nearby airports (OSL, TRF, and RYG ) but it is also well-connected to nearby places by train, bus, and car ferry.

I hope you enjoyed my list of the best European cities to visit in 2018 and consider one of them for your next trip.

Have you been Europe? Have you visited any of the cities mentioned in this post? Share your experiences with us!

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