During my latest stint in Europe, I scoped out the best beaches in southern Spain since that’s where I spent a month.

Those of you who follow me regularly know that I’m a beach lover! So when I travel I’m always on the lookout for great beaches. If you happen to be in Spain, here are some beach spots you might want to check out.

Playa de Bolonia near Tarifa


Unlike many of the beaches in Andalusia, the Playa de Bolonia isn’t a crowded spot. It’s located near a small fishing village of the same name.

The beach curves around the shoreline for several miles. It may even feel a little bit wild and unspoiled compared to the others in the area. Yet all the normal facilities like restrooms, showers, and good places to eat are available here.

Playa de Bolonia is usually pretty breezy, which means that windsurfing is a popular pastime. While you’re visiting, you might also want to stop by the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudio that can be found near the beach.

Playa Carabeo and others near Nerja


Like the beaches of Andalusia, the shores of the Costa del Sol are a bit crowded but still worth a visit.

Now the shores surrounding, however, the beach town of Nerja may just be the exception to the rule. The views here are great, particularly those found at the Balcón de Europa. Two beaches downs, on the left, is probably the best space to hang out since there is a set of grottos near there that swimmers are sure to enjoy.

Playa Zahara de las Atunes


One of the reasons this destination is on my list of the Best Beaches in Southern Spain is because it’s blue-flag beach named after the nearby town.

It has been popular with both locals and travelers for some time thanks to its sandy shores, clear waters, and dog-friendly vibe.

Here you can find places to get away from the crowds, even during the summer months. The beach currently holds a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

Those stopping by should definitely check out the nearby bars that regularly serve up tasty, fresh tuna.

The lighthouse at Cape Gracia is also worth a look. If you’re staying on the Luz Coast and you have time, you definitely check out the beaches near the town of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Playa De Los Muertas near Cabo de Gata


This spot’s name comes from the grisly fact that bodies of dead sailors tended to wash up here in the olden days but don’t let that put you off.

This beautiful beach is located in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and it’s easy to see why it’s one of our picks for the Best Beaches in Southern Spain.

This destination has it all: coral reefs, dramatic cliffs, interesting rock formations, crumbling castles, and so forth.

This shoreline is a bit different from most. It’s comprised of small pebbles rather than sand.

Parking is free but be sure to bring your own snacks and beverages since there’s no place nearby to buy them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my choices for Best Beaches in Southern Spain! What did you think?

Have you ever been to any of the beaches on the list? Do you have your own Spanish beach favorites? Share your experiences with us!

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