Visiting vineyards and wine regions is one of my favorite types of travel. When I had the chance to Visit Napa Valley for the day I jumped at the chance.  

The ever-popular Napa Valley area is wine country of the United States. But whether you are a wine lover or not, you will fall in love with the Napa area.  

From the breathtaking rolling vineyards to the amazing architecture, history, and local foods, it will certainly leave your senses wanting more.   

For the wine lovers…

With more than 400 beautiful wineries, you’ll find that each one is unique in its own way. Most of the wineries in the Napa area are family owned and operated.

Those wine lovers that can only spend a day in the Napa Valley will find it essential to plan in advance.  

I’ve heard people say to pick just one winery and I certainly can see why. My suggestion is just that! Pick just one winery and set up one wine tasting rather than multiple.  

This way you can really enjoy being there rather than rushing around and not enjoying the moment.

Time left over? Take in some more sights and maybe stop off at a unique boutique or two.  

You may be thinking, “How the hell do I pick one out of that many wineries when I only have a day in Napa Valley?” 

That is the million-dollar question that I can’t answer for you. The one thing I will say is that the top ones will require reservations (this is one reason why it is essential to plan ahead).  

Visiting the Napa area is more about savoring all that it has to offer. Again, take your time and don’t rush, you can always come back.

Not just for wine lovers……  

If you only have a day in Napa Valley, enjoy a beautiful ride above the vineyards in a hot air balloon might be just the thing to do.  

The various arts are popular here as well. Attend a performance at the Napa Valley Opera House that host plays, dance, and musical performances for your enjoyment.  

Another place that’s in the Napa area is the historic Uptown Theatre which holds concerts, festivals, outdoor movies, among over events.

Even though you may not be a wine lover (or maybe there are other reasons that you can’t drink wine), some of the wineries offer public art and olive oil tasting.  

Then take in some local foods that will leave your taste buds wanting more! Food tours are perfect when you only have a day in Napa Valley.

Love to shop? With only a day in Napa Valley, you’re in luck!  You can shop till you drop with markets, shops, and unique boutiques.  

There are also the Napa Premium Outlets to enjoy that offers the top fashion labels.

Explore the great outdoors of the Napa area instead.  

Hiking, biking, boating, kayaking, paddleboarding on the beautiful Napa River to name a few is perfect for a day trip in Napa Valley.  

Some people enjoy being without a car in the Napa area and bike from place to place- even winery to winery.

Napa Valley truly has a lot to offer people. Though it would be tough to really enjoy the Napa area and all its glory for the day, as I said earlier it is essential to plan ahead of time what you will spend the day doing.  

Reservations may be required for certain wineries and even certain activities.  

A visit is defiantly recommended even if only for the day.

Have you visited Napa Valley? What did you think? Share your travels with us!


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