Have you ever been tempted to try a skiing holiday but changed your mind at the last minute? If so, it might just be time to find out why millions of people a year hit the slopes for a winter break.

winter ski scene

Breath-taking Scenery

It goes without saying; the backdrop of a skiing destination really is something you have to see to believe. But don’t just appreciate the spectacle from a distance, immerse yourself in the great outdoors and get back to nature! Stop, stand, and gaze over endless snowy mountain peaks, before gliding to the bottom to enjoy a steaming hot cup of your favourite coffee.

people learnign to ski

Easy to Learn

You don’t have to be an outdoor activity specialist or fitness fanatic to give skiing a go, people of all ages and abilities can hit the slopes. Most resorts are extremely well equipped for absolute beginners, meaning you’ll be flying solo within just a couple of days.

Ski village

It’s Not Just About the Skiing

A skiing holiday doesn’t have to mean that skiing is the only activity you can take part in. Whether you choose the grandeur of the Alps or the wild drama of Scandinavia or Finland, you will be astonished by the amount of things you can get up to, such as cross-country skiing, ice-fishing and even dog sledding! Explore unspoiled villages or if you are feeling adventurous why not head further afield and take part in some winter walking.

A Sense of Achievement

There’s nothing quite like learning a new skill, or trying something for the first time to leave you with a sense of achievement. Skiing is like riding a bike, once you have mastered the snow plough and basic skills you can enjoy many more skiing adventures in the future.

cross country skiing

Improve Your Health

Skiing is one of the best forms of exercise there is, burning lots of calories and getting your heart and lungs pumping. After all that physical activity during the day, come the evening you can relax and unwind. Snow holidays from Inntravel for example are designed especially for those who like to enjoy life in the slow lane and experience things off the beaten track, from delicious local cuisine to a whole range of local activities, and the chance to explore your stunning surroundings.


Get a Suntan

Yes we’re still talking about ski holidays! Clear skies, shiny white surfaces, high altitude and lots of time spent outdoors all add up to quite the suntan. We recommended that you apply a high factor sun cream every day to avoid being burnt.


Discover a New Love

And maybe even a life-long hobby. If you are anything like us your first time on the slopes definitely won’t be your last!

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