For fun lovers, there are plenty of ways in which they can entertain themselves while visiting any given place. In Southeast Asia, Thailand is known for its beauty and fun-filled activities. Here are 8 best things to do in Pai, Thailand.

Visitors both local and international frequents different sceneries in the country. One of the towns known for its beautiful sceneries is Pai and it is located in the northern part of Thailand which is 135 km from the City of Chiang Mai.

While planning your visit, it is important to have the following packing list:

 ~ Best Cameras to capture the best moments in your visit and the beautiful sceneries

~ Sunglasses and Hats to protect from the sun rays.

~ Sunscreen for protecting your screen from being exposed to excessive sun rays

Famously referred to as the tropical island in the mountains, spending your time in Pai will awe you in so many different ways. Below is a list of 8 best things to do in Pai:

1. Visit the Pai Canyon

Pai Canyon

The views here are pretty great, the canyon walk is a lot of fun and some really interesting landscape. You can walk right out on a tiny path and feel like you are standing on top of the world! It is busy at sunrise and at sunset as hundreds of people gather to view the beautiful scenery.

Be ready to share the scenery with hundreds of other visitors in the side of the canyon. Don’t forget your best cameras to to capture the best moment and you can have the chance to take best photos from any angle since you will be having a 360 degrees’ view.

2. Have Fun Times at Pai’s Waterfalls

Mo Paeng Waterfall

While at Pai, you have a chance to visit two of the most scenic waterfalls. These are Mo Paeng, Mae Yen, and Pam Bok waterfalls. Mo Paeng waterfall is made up of several pools whose water flows over slippery rocks. On top of this is the beautiful scenery surrounded by trees.

Mae Yen Waterfall is a fun place to hike with your friends. However, to enjoy yourself to the maximum you should consider starting your journey. This will ensure you have the best time without worrying about being stuck in the forest when the dark sets in.

Pam Bok waterfall, on the other hand, is remotely located from Pai town. when you arrive, you will have to go through steep rocks Before accessing the waterfalls. At the waterfall, one can either enjoy the beauty of the water steeply flowing downhill or decide to have fun by jumping from the cliff. However, it is advised to check the water levels before doing so.

3. Visit the Land Split (Land Crack)

The Land Crack was formed after a land owned by a farmer began to crack and split due to soil erosion. The farmer converted the place into a tourist attraction site. Apart from viewing the Earth split on top of a hill, you get a chance to sample some of the fruits, nuts, Roselle juice and alcohol offered by the hospitable farmer. Visitors who get here are mostly excited by the friendly family and wonderful atmosphere.

4. Visit Pai’s Hot Springs

Tha Pai Hot Springs

There are several hot springs that one can visit in Pai. The list includes: Tha Pai Hot Springs and Sai Ngam Hot Spring.

Tha Pai Hot Springs is located some 7 kilometers from the town. This is the best place to visit especially in the cooler months when you might want to have a soothing and relaxing steaming experience. The pools are well maintained making it even better. Additionally, the environment is beautiful with some aura of freshness. Sai Ngam Spring is located on your way to the Cave. The place offers quality and relaxing experience where one can swim in warm waters.

5. Experience the Beauty of Magnificient Lod Cave

Lod Cave in Pai, Thailand

The Lod Cave (Tham Lot) is not located in Pai exactly. You will have to travel for about 40 km heading towards Mae Hong Son before reaching it. On your way, you will be able to see spectacular sites and viewpoints on mountaintops. At the cave, there are guides whose work is to guide visitors through the dark limestone cave. Also, a bamboo raft is available to take through the cave.

6. Visit the Elephant Camp

Elephan Camp

If you love animals and especially elephants, then you will need to visit Thom’s Elephant Park. Established in 1992, this elephant sanctuary is a home to several elephants. At this camp, you can have fun riding the elephant while learning more about them.

7. Learn Circus Skills

The Circus school at Pai offers Circus lessons where one can learn different skills such as juggling and fire dancing. The school is located in a beautiful plane surrounded by beautiful valleys. Apart from learning you can also be entertained by experts at the school with their different circus skills.

8. Take a Walk Through Pai’s Walking Streets

Pai’s Walking Streets

Pai streets are characterized by a variety of vendors doing their businesses along the streets. In these streets, you can get jewelry, food, and even clothes. However, the most eye-catching business is the food business. The booming food business offers a variety of delicacy to its clients.

Pai is a challenging destination for many reasons. Hopefully, this article has helped you get started to plan your trip to one of the best attractions of Thailand. With some forethought hikers and photographers will find Pai to be an absolutely mythical stop.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my guest post on 8 best things to do in Pai, Thailand. If I left anything out, feel free to add it in the comments. Enjoy your trip to the Northern of Thailand.


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