Who doesn’t love beaches? The powdery sand, smell of the salty ocean, and the sound of lapping water can lull anyone into serenity. SeriouslyTravel has put together a list of 6 Amazing Secluded Beaches.

Zakynthos, Greece

Ever wondered how it would feel to be shipwrecked on a beautiful beach? Well it’s possible to experience just that on Shipwreck Beach in Zakynthos, Greece. It’s accessible only by boat and it’s towering cliffs and sandy cove will make you contemplate staying forever.


Accessible only by a rugged road or a boat off the coast, Long Bay in the British Virgin Islands is an isolated inlet with white sands and secluded beaches making it the perfect land base for swimming and snorkeling adventures in the lagoon-like waters.


Ambergris Caye, located off the northeastern coast of Belize, is just a quick flight from Belize City. This 25-mile-long island is known for its soft beaches and car-free tranquility.


Travelers are hopping on a 1-hour flight from Panama City, Panama to the rural archipelago of Bocas del Toro, home to Starfish Beach, one of the best stretches of sand named for the copious five-armed sea creatures found there.

Rai Leh Beach

Accessible only by long boat from Krabi, Thailand lays Railay (also called Rai Leh) Beach. Its Tucked in between spectacular limestone cliffs that jut into the sky and plush jungle vegetation, this beautiful gem cascades into the warm waters of the emerald Andaman Sea.

Red Sand Beach Maui Hawaii

South of Maui’s Hana Bay on the far side of Ka’uiki Hill you’ll find a reddish-brown Hawaiian cove, the creation of an eroded volcano, the beach is surrounded by tall, black cliffs and lined with green ironwood trees. Difficult to find, Kaihalulu, also known as Red Sand Beach, is off-limits to all but the most daring.

These are but a few of the world’s gorgeous, secluded beaches. Have you been to any of them? Would you love to go? Share any of your experiences on beautiful beaches, we’d love to know your favorites!

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