Between social media, texting, and instant messaging it’s virtually impossible not to be everywhere at anytime. But is it possible to be disconnected, to literally get away from it all? Thankfully it is. SeriouslyTravel has compiled a list of remote island get-a-ways where a busy life style is forgotten and complete relaxation is blissfully a way of life.

Koh Tonsay, Cambodia

Kep longboat

Just south of Kep, hidden in the Gulf of Siam is a seaside paradise on the tiny island of Koh Tonsay, a natural wonder of Cambodia.

This 2 sq. km island is extremely primitive. There are no motor vehicles and electricity is provided between 6:00 AM and 9:00 PM only. Most people come for a day but for those who like to rough it the tranquil serenity makes it worth the effort. Overnight accommodations consist of bamboo huts perched on stilts next to white, sand beaches. Bathrooms are out house style but at just $7.00 a night who can complain?

There is a small restaurant run by seven families who inhabit the island. Each day they gather fresh fish from the pristine waters and make simple dishes they serve in their modest establishment. The coconut drinks are also fresh as they harvest them from the island coconut plantation.

The most amazing part of staying overnight on this island is the breathtaking display of bioluminescent waters off the island which come to life after sunset. Plankton secrete glowing phosphorous that resemble millions of twinkling stars on the ocean’s surface. Wading among them is a thrill for the adventurous night swimmer.


Motu Tetraire, Tahiti
 Motu Teta


Want an island all to yourself? Hop on a plane to Tahiti and sitting in the Rangiroa Atoll, like a floating mirage, is the 9-acre island of Motu Tetaraire. This exquisite piece of heaven boasts powder white sand, crystal blue waters and a 5-star Tahitian style guest residence.

The personal chef prepares dishes using fresh seafood plucked from the surrounding ocean. Visitors are hard pressed to leave their secluded beach but when they do there is a never-ending list of activities. As one would expect the snorkelling and scuba diving are excellent as the waters are teaming with marine life. Lobster fishing, canoeing, and visits to a unique vineyard tucked in the middle of a coconut plantation are just a few interests offered.



Life on Guadeloupe moves to its own gentle beat. You won’t find huge resorts but the boutique B&B’s and small inns offer individualized experiences. The seafood huts and rustic cafes lend themselves to the laid back, relaxed feel of the island.

Guadeloupe combines contemporary infrastructure and delicious food with local culture that is evident in the pride of the people that inhabit the island. A mangrove swamp joins the butterfly shaped island and each “wing” offers it’s own unique experience.

Base-Terre, the western wing, boasts the La Soufriere volcano, home to the national park. The Jacques Cousteau underwater reserve offers adventures for those who love snorkelling and scuba diving. There are excellent hiking trails for all levels but still plenty of gorgeous beaches for the sun worshipers and awesome places to eat for the gourmet.

Grande-Terre, the eastern wing, offers everything a visitor might want in the way of fun in the sun. Surfing schools, beach bars, blissful white sand, turquoise waters, and gregarious people who enjoy hosting is waiting to be enjoyed.

Molokai, Hawaii


This remote and unique Hawaiian island, although separated only by a 9 mile wide channel from the mainland, is far and away world’s apart from the embedded tourism of its famous cousin.

The long, narrow island of Molokai is home to more ethnic Hawaiians than anywhere else in the archipelago. It is deeply seated in tradition and the only island you can visit where the “real” Hawaiian customs are still part of everyday life.

Molokai is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. It boasts the highest sea cliffs in the world at over 3,000 feet (914m) high. Snorkelling and scuba diving are some of the world’s best, as you might imagine, with very little traffic to disturb the natural reefs and marine life. Helicopter rides are breathtaking and photographers never run out of subject matter.

The island proudly advertises “no buildings taller than a coconut tree,” as its residents proudly preserve their island’s traditions and way of life. They adamantly refuse to “sell out” by following the profitable tourism model of the larger islands of Hawaii.

Molokai’s sleepy towns have few options for accommodations or dining and most visitors come for day trips. This and their staunch dedication to their traditions have caused high unemployment rates so they rely heavily on the people who do patron the island.



Just 20 miles (32km) Northeast of Trinidad is the lush, green, relaxed island of Tobago. The breathtaking views of azure waters, and white sand beaches’ only rivalry are its smiling, gracious people.

Tobago has the usual all-inclusive 5-star resorts that offer every amenity but the real attractions are the numerous villages and tiny restaurants that dot the island.

The best way to see this 8-mile wide, 26-mile long island is to rent a jeep. Its lack of infrastructure adds to its charm and the lowlands are where you’ll find small hotels, fishing villages, and amazing coral sand beaches teaming with marine life. These deserted beaches are ideal for a day of snorkeling, scuba, sunbathing, a romantic or family picnic.

The most endearing qualities of Tobago are it’s people. Their warmth and humor lend to the charm of the island and are why even Trinidadians from the mainland come again and again.

We all dream of getting away to a place where we can leave cell phones, computers, and social media behind; where the world stands still and peace is a way of life. These remote get-a-ways offer that and much more. Now it’s up to you to get there!

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