I’m always finding reasons to visit Italy…in particular Tuscany. Here are my 10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany.

1. Italian Food


Anyone up for some gelato, pizza, or lasagna?

The aforementioned goodies and other traditional Italian dishes are certainly part of what keeps Italy at the forefront of traveler’s minds.

But this country certainly has even more to offer its visitors.

2. Regional Specialties


Tuscany is particularly well-known for its delicious steak, succulent truffles, and locally produced olive oil.

The regional cuisine here generally focuses on simple foods with lots of vegetables and wild game.

However, this section of Italy is also known for its high-quality beef and pork. So come hungry!

3. Wine & Vineyards


Now, as an avid follow of Seriously Travel you have to know that I love wine.

One of the reasons # 3 is on my list of 10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany is because Tuscany produces a lot of award-winning, world-famous wines including Chianti.

The vineyards that produce them are not only productive but quite beautiful as well. I particularly enjoyed my visit to the Avignonesi vineyard.

4. Scenery


If you want to take vacation photographs that look like postcards, Tuscany is a good place to do just that. Picturesque hilltop towns, seaside Mediterranean vistas, and bucolic farm country can all be found here.

There’s actually a good balance of country and city life in the area, making it a great place for professional and amateur photographers alike to get their photography fix.

5. Reasonable Prices


Although it’s certainly not going to compare with cheaper destinations like Asia and South America, Tuscany is a fairly affordable region of Europe.

A basic daily budget here should run around $53 per person.

Of course, you’ll want to factor in the cost of any extra activities as well as transportation fees, emergency funds, and possibly accommodation upgrades to get a better estimate.

6. History


This region is filled with ancient towns and numerous World Heritage spots, as well as places that date back to medieval times.

These spots help bring history to life, which makes the region especially interesting for families with young children that are studying such things in school.

7. The Arts


If the names Michelangelo, Donatello, and Rafael call to mind more than just the Ninja Turtles, you’re in good company here.

Tuscany has long been heralded as the birthplace of the Renaissance and it shows.

This can be seen not only in the paintings, frescos, and sculptures found here but also in the region’s music and literature.

8. Fashion


This is especially true in Milan, where the fashion industry has a strong foothold, but designer clothes and accessories can easily be found in major cities throughout Italy.

9. It’s Hollywood Friendly


Anyone who has watched a move (or read a book) will recognize the area as a popular setting for Hollywood films.

It gets honorable mention for being in movies like Gladiator and Hannibal as well as featured in best-selling books and their subsequent movies like Under the Tuscan Sun

10. Plentiful Outdoor Activities


Tuscany is an ideal place for outdoor pursuits such as biking, hiking, visiting the beaches, picnicking, and visiting the region’s natural hot springs.

Take advantage of the great weather and try a few of these pastimes for yourself.

Have you ever been to Italy? Tuscany? What did you think? Have you visited the locations I mentioned above?

What did you think? Share your experiences with us!


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10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany

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10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany

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10 Reasons to Visit Tuscany

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