Hi, I’m Marie!


I’m a digital entrepreneur business coach and I’ve been on a life-changing journey for the last decade.

I’ve built a digital business that allows me to work and travel anywhere in the world while running a business that affords me the luxury to live life on my terms.

To date, I’ve traveled to 53 countries and negotiated more than $300,000.00 worth of sponsorships. I’ve experienced everything from skydiving, to spending an hour with Rwandan Gorillas, to private dinners on yachts, to over the water luxury bungalows, to sunrise hot air balloon trips over vineyards in Tuscany, and everything in between!

My passion is to support Digital Entrepreneurs with packaging their services into leveraged online offers so they can scale their business & create more time, money, and freedom, and help them incorporate sponsored travel into their business life.

Want to know how you can create a life of financial and travel freedom and scale your services?

How my team helps Digital Entrepreneurs realize their dreams!

Who is Our Ideal Client?

Digital entrepreneurs who already have a business and clients, but want to move out of the dollars for hours model and into a more scalable digital business model.

What Problems does Marie Hernandez at Seriously Travel solve?

We solve the problem of being stuck in a model where you’re trading time for money, which creates several issues – the biggest being that you’re limited in the amount of money you can make, the number of people you can help, and the amount of time freedom you can enjoy.

What Are the Typical Symptoms Digital Entrepreneurs Experience With That Problem?

Digital business owners who are stuck in the dollars for hours model end up with their income capped, their digital business stuck, overwhelm and frustration sets in, and their interest declines. They’ve essentially created another “job” for themselves and that’s a very ugly place to be. I know because that used to be me!

What Are the Common Mistakes Digital Entrepreneurs Make When Trying to Solve That Problem?

One, the types of offers they have limit them, because when you sell digital services, you often have “per hour” mindset, instead of creating programs and packages that allow you to reach more people without spending more of your time.

Two, they lack systems and processes leaving them with their hands tied, because it keeps them in a place of continually having to re-invent the wheel, which creates more inefficiency.

Three, they don’t delegate enough, or they delegate ineffectively. They’re not leveraging a team and they’re still doing too much themselves which keeps them stuck on the proverbial hamster wheel.

What is One Valuable Free Action Someone Can Implement Right Now That Will Help Them Solve That Problem?

One of my favorite ways to add true leverage to a digital business is by adding sponsored travel to your travel life. It helps you quickly engage and build the like, know, and trust factor with travel businesses around the world allowing you to travel to dream destinations.

I created this Bootcamp called, “I LOVE Sponsored Travel” that reveals my proven strategies to exchange your expertise for accommodations, meals, tours, products, and experiences anywhere in the world so you can travel to your dream destination.  Click HERE to access the Bootcamp(It will only be up for a limited time!)

Note: I took great care to ensure that this Bootcamp is chock full of value, so it’s completely worth sticking around and watching it the whole way through! Can’t wait to hear what you think!

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