Hi, I’m Marie!


I’m a digital entrepreneur business coach and expert in Sponsored Travel.

I’ve been on a life-changing journey for the last decade and I’ve built a digital business that allows me to work and travel anywhere in the world while running a business that affords me the luxury to live life on my terms.

To date, I’ve traveled to 54 countries and negotiated more than $500,000.00 worth of sponsorships. I’ve experienced everything from skydiving, to spending an hour with Rwandan Gorillas, to private dinners on yachts, to over the water luxury bungalows, to sunrise hot air balloon trips over vineyards in Tuscany, and everything in between!

My passion is to support Digital Business Owners with their desire to travel to dream destinations in exchange for strategic posts on social media without chasing sponsors, doing tons of online research, and spending hours pitching with no response?

Want to know how you can create a life of financial freedom and incorporate sponsored travel into your business?

How my team helps Digital Business Owners realize their dreams!

 Who is Our Ideal Client?

Digital business owners who already have a business, a social media presence, and want to incorporate sponsored travel into their income stream.

What Problems does Marie Hernandez Coaching solve?

We solve the problem of being stuck in the noise of social media overwhelm and help you position yourself as a social media expert in your niche so that you are consistently approached by sponsors who want to work with you.

What Are the Typical Symptoms Digital Business Owners Experience With That Problem?

Digital business owners get stuck in all the noise on social media and have trouble engaging with the right audience needed to attract sponsors. Understanding who and how to efficiently spend their time on social media is essential to building relationships with and getting sponsors.

What Are the Common Mistakes Digital Business Owners Make When Trying to Solve That Problem?

One, the types of social media posts and offers they make to potential sponsors are inconsistent and unattractive, instead of creating social media and marketing packages that attract sponsors.

Two, they lack systems and processes leaving them with their hands tied, because it keeps them in a place of continually having to re-invent the wheel, which creates more inefficiency.

Three, they don’t know who or how to approach a sponsor. Knowing who to send a well executed pitch letter that stands out from all the others is key to getting those dream sponsored collaborations and ultimately monetize your sponsor.

What is One Valuable Free Action Someone Can Implement Right Now That Will Help Them Solve That Problem?

One of my favorite ways to add true leverage to your digital business is to build the like, know, and trust factor with travel businesses around the world on social media, allowing you to create the connections needed to travel to dream destinations.

Join my private FREE Facebook Group, Seriously Travel Tribe where you will be among other digital business owners who have actively use sponsorship as a means to travel the world and build business relationships.

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